Chinese New Year heat is notorious. It's hard to beat and you're definitely a potential target if you don't hide indoors. But then, the heat can get inside, so sometimes, there's really nowhere to run. Here are some hilarious, but useful ways to hack the heat. Check it out:

1. Strapping your fan with some ice cold water from the fridge

Believe it or not, some homes still don't have air-conditioning. But it's not that people can't afford them. Some older people just aren't used to the whole fake-cold-air thing. Hack it with this:


2. Put your fan on the ceiling

Hot air goes up, cool air goes down. So a ceiling fan would be a good idea, though this one in particular looks very dangerous, so don't do it.

3. Make-shift A/C. Very expensive.

Not recommended, but if you're really feeling the heat, then you'll be risking the food that needs to be kept cold. Try this instead: Make your own air conditioner:

4. Put your clothes, sheets, or whatever you're wearing in the freezer for 30 minutes before wearing them

This sounds like a weird thing to do, but it will save your life.

5. Aloe vera plants in the house will give you a cooling effect when you apply it on your skin.

6. Portable fan on your phone

It'll help very minimally.

7. Make an ice-vest.

So cool. Literally too.

8. Dark curtains

Although, it's Chinese New Year. Things need to be bright for good fortune!

9. Or just do NOTHING

This is the best advice so far. Don't move. Not a muscle. Just sit still. You'll be cool soon enough.