City folk don't have a hometown to go back. This concrete jungle IS our hometown. And now that most of the out-of-towners have left, it leaves us with 9 things that we absolutely love about public holidays.

1. Traffic is wondrous

This should be life's wallpaper.

Can you really be late for anything?

2. Which also means, less humans

3. The malls will be filled with bored city folk, and there aren't a lot of them either

4. If you're not celebrating, you'll find an abundance of complete relaxation


It's like Zen meditation here. So peaceful.

5. Your relatives are the ones doing the traveling from out of state to the city

6. You can go for a holiday easily on the third day or something

Want to get out of the city and head for the beach? The airport is just 45 minutes away, plus there's no jam, so it could really be just 30 minutes away!

7. If you're married and have a lot of out-of-towner friends, you can skip giving them ang pow because they won't be around

That's if you can avoid them. 14 days long..

8. The queue for restaurants probably won't be that long

what happens when Malaysian food go to Singapore.

Yes! Waiting time reduced to...

9. You won't need a time strategy  to return to the city

You avoid the ridiculous jam coming back.