Major public holidays change the landscapes of cities and towns. From suddenly reasonably packed streets to suddenly everyone-is-coming-home. Too many cars, too many people. Here are then telltale signs Chinese New Year has come to town.

1. If you thought traffic was bearable, think again.

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Small roads clog cars up.

2. Elsewhere in the city..your friends on social media are bragging

3. You can finally use that damn auto-cruise

4. Fireworks. Every hour.

Multiply noise level by 5x (minimum).

5. Everything is shut tight.

Like a Geisha's you know..

6. But the popular areas are always open

There's hope for some entertainment!

7. You realize your hometown isn't exactly small

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Seriously, where did all these people come from?

8. You Instagram the hell out of the places you used to go and loved

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Yeah, more food!

9. Everyone complained about the jam getting here.