Most of us are going to put on some pounds during CNY, and it's all because of that constant eating. But there are simple ways to avoid all of this and it isn't hard at all. Here's our top 9 tips for not gaining extra weight during the holidays:

1. Stop snacking.

Those darn snacks are everywhere, in everyone's home, and in every corner and seem neverending. Your mission in life upon seeing them was to stuff your face with as many as you could because it's only "once a year." But that mission will be your regret for the next 12 months. So stop snacking!

2. Drink more water.

Too much isn't good either!

Weight gain has a lot to do with the lack of hydration. It seems counterintuitive to feed yourself more liquids, but in this case, it's water, and water helps you feel full with no calories at all.

3. Sleep earlier.

The holidays mean that it's okay to stay up really really late. But doing so often will only guarantee one thing: you'll screw up your body's rhythm to start metabolizing and burning all those calories away while you sleep.

4. Don't sit and laze too much.

You're going to either be on someone's sofa, or at the "table" trying your luck in a few games or so. Just remember that being sedentary can be bad for circulation and send all those calories to your ass. Okay, we're kidding, but do stand up from time to time. You could use some exercise, however minimal it is.

5. Obvious advice: Don't overeat.

Wait awhile before grabbing seconds. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register you're full. So once you're done with your plate, don't plate yourself another mountain high. You'll regret it.

6. Do some stretching.

Okay...something easier then.

Before you go out and battle it out with food and drinks with friends and family, do some stretching. There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube and believe it or not, stretching correctly actually burns calories. Make this a routine. It'll be good for you.

7. Don't eat after hours.

The holidays may warrant supper many times, but you can always say no. Or just nibble a little here and there to avoid being rude.

8. Use smaller plates.

Looks a lot..but it isn't.

Smaller plates trick our brains into believing we're eating just enough. So do that if you can.

9. Partner up.

Everyone needs a Katniss.

Like gymming, not gaining weight is something you can't do alone. So get your partner, or family to help you.

Good luck!