Superstitions are dos and don't-dos your parents and their parents' parents, and further back have practiced and observed until now. And while many people today don't actually subscribe to them, many of it are still practiced out of tradition and custom. Here are some of the 9 you would probably adhere to:

1. Not cut / wash your hair or nails on the first day.

How do you not wash your hair at all?

Because you don't want to wash or cut away your good luck for the new year. Plus, your house has to be cleaned before the first day. You shouldn't sweep on the first day either for fear that your good fortune will be swept away too.

2. Negative words and foul language should not be used

It's SMILEY TOWN for the whole day, okay?

Even death and dying shouldn't be mentioned because a new year should be a new beginning.

3. Nothing should be lent on the first day

The only response you need if someone asks.

If you do, you'll be lending all year long. And don't cry on the first day. If you do, you'll be crying all through the year.

4. There's always a "best time" to leave the house on the first day

Hard unless you almanac!

There's always an auspicious direction too. This is for luck and fortune!

5. The first person you meet and first words heard are what fortunes would be for the entire year

I'm not sure if this qualifies.

If you hear songbirds or see red colored birds, you're in luck. It's good luck!

6. It is unlucky to greet someone, even sick, in the bedroom

The only reason you don't go say hi to a sick person. Plus, please just let them rest!

Also, you don't want to catch their germs on the first day. (Sick on the first day, sick for the rest of the year?)

7. Don't use knives or scissors

What if you wanted to cut fruit?

Because it may cut off your fortune. (And if you're not paying attention, you'll injure yourself - injured on first day, injured whole year.)

8. Wear red, or a bright color

I like this kind of sunny and bright.

So that you can bring in a sunny and bright future. Also, who doesn't look good in red?

9. Children and unmarried friends will be given "lai see" or ang pow / red packets with money inserted

For good fortune. Unless you're too old of course. Read it here.

Did we miss any out?