The first day of the Lunar New Year is going to be hectic. There's going to be a lot of moving around, and / or entertaining. And then, there's also going to be some regrets. Here are the top 9:

1. Shouldn't have ate too much the night before

The keyword here is: pace.

2. Sleep, or the lack thereof

As usual, the night doesn't just end with dinner. 2nd and 3rd rounds exists. It's also probably the one time you get to meet up with so many friends at one go.

3. Angpows

If this is your first year of giving them out because you're married already, then get used to it.

4. Not wearing something more cooling

Everyone wants to look good, but we sometimes forget we're living in tropical weather. And that means hot. Forget the long sleeves or jeans. Nice looking shorts and collar T will do.

5. Not drinking enough water at the end of the day

All that snacking probably began a week before, but the real cookie monster appears on the first day. And forget to drink water. And on comes the sick in a couple of days.

6. You can't blame the traffic for being late

f you spent the whole night up cathing up with friends, you're going to be late.

7. Eating Loh Sang for the 72nd time

Don't too in a hurry with the regret. There are 14 days more to go.

8. Not bringing a pen to write the name of the ang pow giver

It's not to see who gave you more, but just a nice courtesy to remember who gave which.

9. Dinner, because apparently, there's still more food

What do you mean there's still food? Omg.