The Lion Dance is one super cool act. They officiate openings and are always present at certain ceremonies to bless a place of business. But there's more to them that we didn't know. Here are 9 interesting facts about the art of lion dance.

1. Those things are heavy. And it is really tiring.

Considering they have to carry and dance around with the head for nearly 10 minutes or so, plus the person at the back is constantly bending back and sometimes shouldering the weight of both the lion's head and the front dancer on his shoulder, this sentence is already making me tired.

2. They train a lot.

You don't get to lion-dance without some training.

3. The Southern Lion dance predominates in South East Asia

4. The dancers are usually martial art members

You need some kung-fu discipline for this kinda thing.

5. They perform "plucking of the greens" which is believed to bring good luck and fortune to business

6. The head can weigh as much as 2kg to 10kg

7. It originated in 618-906 AD.

Am emperor in the Tang dynasty had a dream in which a strange animal saved his life. When he described it, it was a lion.

8. The back dancer must duplicate the lead dancer's stances while in an awkward stooped posture

It's not just for some bass, okay?

9. The dancing routine is almost always similar

First the bowing ceremony for good luck and greeting, and then rolling around, walking in a large circle, acting surprised and after that comes the "sleeping lion." The eyelids will be closed half way and then wakes up to go a few more rounds which usually ends with the plucking of the greens segment.