Who doesn't love fireworks? It's like the one thing everyone needs to mark a celebration! Except here's the sad part: accidents happen and people have been reported to have lost their fingers, hands and severely injured other parts of their body. And this is because no one bothered to follow some safety guidelines. We came up with 9. Here they are:

1. Remember that your fingers and hands are really, really important

No fingers lost here!

2. Bionic prosthetic devices are probably very expensive

On a side note, we're making some real progress here:

3. But make sure you stand a tad further than the recommended safe distance

It doesn't have to super duper far. Just far enough till you're out of danger.

4. Ensure the direction of the fireworks isn't pointed at you or anyone else

This is more dangerous than it is funny.

5. Use a switch to light it so you can do it from a distance

This is too close!!

6. Don't mess with stuff you can't or aren't supposed to

7. Read these horror stories

Warning this LINK contains gory and graphic pictures.

8. Remember accidents do happen and this isn't funny:

9. But the easiest way to be safe: enjoy someone else's fireworks

Now this is ideal!