Chinese New Year Superstitions aside, positivity is actually a good thing. So smile a little more. It's actually more important than you think. Here are 9 reasons:

1. Kids who smile more in childhood photos have stronger marriages

There are many factors to this, and as a disclaimer, the study from DePauw University says that this is correlation. Nevertheless, smiling a lot during childhood generally means you have a stable home environment, positive outlook and some strong relationships.

2. Smiling helps you deal with stressful things better

Like when your nosy aunty asks just when are you getting married? Research shows that the "grin and bear it" can be an attack plan for when you are dealing with something really annoying. Smile and your heart rate would be lower during the recovery period of torment.

3. Want to live longer? Smile more.

So the superstitions do actually have some science to them, but not explained in this manner of course. Smiling will actually help you live longer. Research shows that people who smiled widely in photos might end up living longer than less smiley people.

4. Smiling is contagious

When someone smiles at you, you're compelled to smile back.

5. Smiling makes you look trustworthy

Try not smiling and meet a person for the first time. Not only will you make things uncomfortable, you'll also be at the mercy of their snap judgment of tagging you as untrustworthy. Research shows just how important smiling actually is during first impressions.

6. Smiling makes you think things are funnier

Try smiling at a comedy show. It somehow makes things even funnier.

7. You make other people feel good with a smile

A smile really lights up the room, or someone's day. Don't be stingy with it.

8. Smiling makes you look kind

People who smile tend to look like they've got a kind soul to them. There's also a study on this.

9. Smiling is attractive

Contrary to how women find non-smiling men more attractive, you'd rather see a smiley face than a black face.

So smile now, fellas!