Chances are, you're not going to have enough time to hide or get rid of all your mess in time for Chinese New Year. But if you're willing, here are some 9 hacks to help you get started. The key point here is to organize stuff so they don't end up cluttering an area and you not being able to find it. Check it out below:

1. Get an over the sink cutting board. It's faster to clean too!

2. An upright kitchen storage. Everything you need is here.

3. Magnetic bobby pin storage. You'll never lose them again.

4. Install tension rod under the sink to hold your cleaners.

5. Bamboo stick knife storage.

6. Pegboard organizer. Use it for jewelry or notes or anything you can think of.

7. Use a crown molding as a shoe rack.

8. Use towel racks as lid storage.

9. Spice storage - on your fridge!