If only there were more down-to-earth sports stars like Roger Federer. Earlier this week, about an hour and a half before heading to practice, Federer decided to conduct impromptu Q&A session on Twitter.

So if you wanted to learn more about this charming tennis pro, scroll below:

Referencing Allen Iverson's famous rant about practice (not a game; practice).

His thoughts on who would be his ideal mixed doubles partner:

The most beautiful places he's ever been:

His musical interests:

His travel dreams:

Why his 4-year-old twins great tennis understudies, yet:

His favourite films:

Why he hasn't been watching TV:

He tried to call of the interview session:.

But by then he was hooked:

The questions then started getting a little more personal:

This fan speaks for many of us. She didn't get an answer from Fed, but she did get a retweet:

Finally, Federer admitted that he really had to go, but he hints that we should look forward to more in the near future: