During the summer months and throughout the winter transfer window, transfer rumours are one of the main aspects of football news.  Fans from every club like to know when players are being linked to their club.  People want to know who the player is, what club he's joining and from where, what the transfer fee is likely to be and when the actual transfer could take place. 

The reporting of transfer rumours has become such big business that even the big sports networks now have dedicated transfer rumour sections on their websites.  SkySports have a dedicated transfer section to their football website and within this section there is a transfer rumours area that allows fans the opportunity to add rumours they have may have heard and have them rated by other people.    There is also a transfer news section that is updated by SkySports themselves and this offers the latest transfer news and rumours from around Europe, updated as when a new transfer story breaks.  In addition to this, there is a newspaper review which brings together all the latest transfer stories from the British press.  The BBC Sport website also has a transfer gossip section and this is mainly a summary of transfer stories coming the British newspapers, with links to each of them if you would like to read further.  The BBC Transfers page is just a breakdown of actual transfers that have already taken place, there is no reporting on any potential moves that may occur.

TalkSport is an example of another football broadcaster who have a dedicated transfer rumour section on their website.  Every breaking transfer rumour is updated with a headline and image, which the reader can then click into for further information.  TalkSport also present a summary of the days transfer gossip for those who have missed what has developed throughout the day.

The British newspapers are obviously a great source of transfer rumours, reporting them on a daily basis and their websites do not disappoint in this department either.  The Daily Telegraph for example, have a section on their sports website called 'Transfer Talk' and here they bring all the latest transfer rumours and gossip.  Interestingly, the Telegraph choose three stories every day and categorise them into 'Rumour of the day' and 'Long shot of the day' depending on the strength of the rumour and the likelihood of it developing into a concrete move.  The Guardian newspaper also have a specialised area of their website entitled 'Rumour Mill' which updates transfer gossip on a daily basis, which is good if you want a summary of the mornings transfer rumours but not so good if you want to keep on top of all the breaking transfer gossip as it happens.  Other newspaper websites such as the Mirror and Sun have transfer rumour pages on their websites, much like that of the TalkSport website.

Dedicated football websites such as Caughtoffside feature transfer rumours as a major part of their daily content.  Although quite heavily laden with advertising, this website is a good choice if you want to keep on top of all the latest transfer rumours throughout the day.  Updated with new stories regularly, you can find between 5 to 10 new transfer related articles by 10am each morning with more to come during the course of the day and with every article written by an author from the website as opposed to just being a link elsewhere, you can't go wrong.  TeamTalk is another example of a specialist football website that has a focus on transfer gossip, with a paper talk section bringing together all the transfer gossip from the press, a transfer centre and the 'Rumour Room' which gives fans the opportunity to add any transfer rumours they have heard.  Each rumour posted can then be commented upon and rated by fellow users of the website.

There are, of course, websites that are solely related to transfer rumours, with all content on the website concerning transfer gossip and nothing else.  Two examples of this are Football-Rumours.co.uk and Transferrumours.co.uk, with the former allowing for fans input, and the latter bringing together all the latest rumours from around the internet.  Football-Rumours is a great place to pick up new rumours and maybe even get the benefit of some insider knowledge from someone in the know at a specific club, whereas Transferrumours is the best option if you prefer to read transfer gossip that has been reported elsewhere on the internet but with the convenience of it all being in one place.

In conclusion, there are number options online to find the latest football transfer rumours.  With so many good quality websites available, it may be a case of simply trying the ones mentioned above and finding the one you like.  Alternatively, why not browse through each on a daily basis, there may be a rumour starting on one of them that develops into the transfer of the summer and you wouldn't want to miss that!