One of the best ways to spice up your conversations is through the use of dirty questions. Dirty questions can help both the man and the woman or the user and webcam model to spice up their conversation or sex cam stream. Dirty talks can add plenty of exhilaration and enthusiasm to every conversation and sex cam stream. Allow your significant other to lead the way when playing dirty questions especially in a sex cam stream.


What you should note before asking dirty questions?
When asking dirty questions during that special sex cam stream, be careful so you don’t take things too aggressively especially when you are attempting desperately in the early stages. Rather, let the conversation flow naturally and not forced. Sit together and have a conversation about areas you’d prefer not to discuss and other boundaries you might have. Also, if any topic sounds sensitive or offensive, it must be abandoned at once. Note, the most important thing to remember is that you both enjoy the conversation and sex cam stream session.

The Best Dirty Questions for Women and Men

There are so many dirty questions you can ask your partner in a sex cam stream. Maybe you are both dirty with each other, you can easily pop a question like what is your preferred sex position. When your partner answers then you can further ask them something like which sex position do you feel curious about trying? Since it's a video call, pay attention to their body language as they reply to you. 

Some people like to dominate the bed, so you can ask your partner something like, do you like being on top or do you prefer to be below? You can further add something like how do you love to be kissed during sex? You can add some seductive moves as you ask like closing your eyes when saying it and tilting your neck. Note that the best questions you can ask your partner are those that you can virtualize.   

You can also spice things up in a sex cam session by asking your partner about their sexual fantasy. Remember, some people have the weirdest fantasies. So, try your best to accept them for it and not laugh at them if you think it would make them feel bad. Because some people have a fantasy of same-gender sex, which they might have tried. 

So, you can ask them something like have you had sex with your gender; cheekily? Another common fantasy people have is threesome. Whatever their fantasy might be, feel free to discuss these things with your partner and use your intuition to pop the question in the most natural ways possible. 

If you are still in the mood to talk more about sex, you can take things a notch further in the sex cam stream by asking something like what they love most about sex. No doubt, sex isn’t all about coitus, there is also the foreplay part. Ask your partner what erogenous zones they love being stimulated. You can add fire to the flame by asking them what part of your body they would love to play with. 

A very common way people start popping up dirty questions is by trying to put themselves in their partner's head. So, you can start asking questions about what you can't see. You can start with a question like what are you wearing underneath this gorgeous dress? Then you can take things a notch higher by asking something like what they love most about your body? 

Note that one thing about asking dirty questions to spice up a conversation is to engage your partner the best way possible and to get the most information from them in the process. But at the same time, do not make it seem like they are on a hot seat or under interrogation. What this means is that pay attention to their body language when asking these questions. When you realize they aren't feeling like talking about that particular topic, be quick to replace it with another one that is less invasive or provoking to them. 

To sum things up, when you ask your partner to have the dirty talk the right way, it can help to enhance your conversations considerably. So, when next you are about to have a sex cam stream, and you want the experience to be the best one, then be sure to have a couple of entertaining dirty questions off your head to ask. Note, ensure you respect each other's boundaries and most importantly, have as much fun as you can.