You like sports betting and see it as a profitable way of income, something to earn on your free time oreven as a strong but risky investment. The problem is you are not really a savvy sports fan, do not have the time to learn how to analyze sport markets and lack the strategically thinking to properly asses a betting strategy.

Then social media can save you, there are dozens of full time punters that on a daily basis published their picks on several sports. The best focus on a single sport and market and follow long tested strategies. They do lose, mostly on a daily basis, but at the end of the year the balance comes out positive. The good thing is you can track their results for a couple of weeks before jumping in with real cash.

Create an excel sheet with tabs representing different punters, track their results for at least 3 months… at least one month to have consistent data. If by the end they come in more than 10% in profit, well then, you have found your source of betting picks for your own personal account. Some may charge some small money to access a VIP twitter account, other do it freely and promote their affiliate links.

These are the top Twitter punters recommended by dozens of users. Most are football tipsters but a couple focus on horseracing. Both markets bring a ton of value and you can follow and keep record of all to make a big profit just by following these twitter accounts.

Footy Accumulators - @FootyAccums

With more than 300,000 followers these daily active punters focus on football leagues, mostly from the Premier League, La Liga from Spain, Serie A and the Australian League. They are very, very good at accessing markets and possible results based on their unlimited follow-up of world leagues and teams.

The team has moved beyond basic home tipsters to online entrepreneurs and have developed their own “Acca Tracker” for punters to monitor their bets (red / green), ideal when you have dozens in place and wish to exit with the cash-out option.

They love to chat with their fans on Twitter and answer questions, which makes them the ideal match too many followers.

Bobcat - @picksntips

Still under a couple dozen followers but this horseracing tipsters is rising fast and is probably one of the best you can find inside this niche. Horseracing handicappers (as they like to be called) are very different from regular punters. They have a special heart in the art of selecting winners and really take the strategy to the next level.

Bobcat focuses on longshots, the not so favorites that payout amazing odds. He is pretty good at it and fully open to negative or positive track records which are freely published on his site. His account is a personal account but open for everyone to follow on a daily basis.

Bookie Insider - @BookieInsider

More followers than tweets, which means this tipster doesn´t publish so many bets, and that could be a good thing. They tip on many types of sports but have special accounts for football, tennis and UFC fights.
They act more professional than most accounts and will email or tweet you the tips, aside from sports news.

PinchBet - @pinchbet

PinchBet has a strong follower base and focuses on In-Play betting mostly from a great variety of football leagues. It’s not just the Premier League, they follow all types of leagues including the Russian, U20, Latin America, Asia and so on. Anywhere where there is value.

JustHorseRacing - @justhorseracing

An Aussie horseracing site that focuses on their national market. They are good and worth a review. They tend to monetize their channel with affiliate bonuses and promotions.
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