How many times have you wondered how you could possibly grow your business a little faster? Most business owners like yourself will think they must spend a small fortune on advertising or hiring experts in multiple fields. But there is another option that will benefit you so much more. 

Creating a quality press release format and releasing it to the public is an easy way to attract your target audience. It won’t cost you anything more than your time. And before you think that you can’t write an amazing press release, there is a press release example out there for all types of businesses. So, you can easily find one to use for your business. 

Short- and Long-Term Values of Press Releases for Your Business
The best part about writing and submitting press releases is you will see the value in them quickly. Once those short-term values start to wear off, you will still get many long-term values that can continue for years. These values are why you must take the time to write a press release or have one written for your business. 

Short Term Values of Press Releases for Your Business
1. Different Online Media Sources

Press releases can be released through different online media sources. The press release you send out can be seen on news sites, blogs, and may eventually be shared on social media sites. While your press release is hitting all those spaces, you won’t need to customize it for any of them. Simply send out one press release to all media sources and call it a day. 

2. Reach Your Target Audience Quickly

The best part about press releases is you can reach your target audience quickly. We recommend creating a press release format that focuses on the audience you want to reach. You can utilize your site analytics to determine the best way to write your release. 

3. Extra Marketing Without the Cost

Every business is trying to save money, so why not get a little free marketing by writing and submitting a press release. Boosting posts, accessing email lists, and even hiring a social media guru can cost a lot of money. Taking a press release example and turning it into a phenomenal press release will cost less than you think, even if you have a professional PR person get it posted on the media outlets for you. 

4. Unique Site Visitors

Since you will be reaching so many more people with your press release, you will see unique site visitors. These people may never have found you through all your marketing strategies. This is excellent news when it comes to sales. All these new visitors should equal an increase in sales and that means more revenue and profits for your business. 
Long Term Values of Press Releases for Your Business

1. Expert in Your Field

Many people believe that companies releasing press releases are experts in their field. No one ever feels pressured to make a purchase from a press release. They do, however, remember who to reach out to when they need a solution or item in that field. Plus, most companies that send out press releases are telling their customers that they are going to be around for the long haul instead of being out of business in six months or less. 

2. Searched Out by Affiliate Marketers and Influencers
There are thousands of affiliate marketers and influencers all over the internet nowadays. If you contact any of them to promote your brand, you are going to find that working with them will be costly. If you can manage to attract those same people with one of your press releases, they will be contacting you instead. The rates they charge will be much less if they are actively looking to work with you. 

3. Assist with SEO

SEO is always tricky to master. The algorithm seems to change without warning. Once you have your SEO strategy in place though, you should always look for ways to supplement that plan. When you start your press release format, make sure you are including your SEO keywords. Those keywords will allow people to find your press release online organically. And those organic search results will actually boost your SEO efforts even more. 

These are the short- and long-term values of press releases for your business. You cannot deny that a well thought-out and written press release format can do wonders for your business. You can easily find a press release example to follow if you are interested in writing a press release yourself. Once you finalize your press release, you can work with a company like 24 7 press release. They will make sure your press release reaches your target audience. All you need to do is take care of all the new customers clicking on your website and placing orders.