About RTP rates

One of the least understood aspects of online casinos is the Return To Player (RTP) rates and these are the rates or frequency a slot machine pays out. Naturally, the higher these rates are the more likely you are to win and these are generally known as low variance slots. This means wins occur quite often, but are usually quite small. Vice versa, slot machine games with a low RTP result in less wins and are called high variance slots. This means wins are more difficult to come by, but they tend to be rather sizeable cash prizes.

If you are starting to get confused, think of RTP rates like the house edge in table games. You can guestimate the likelihood of a win with house edges just like you would with return to player rates in online slots.

What is a fair RTP rate for a typical online slot?

That depends on what kind of wins you want and what kind of budget you have to play with. Players with smaller budgets will favour low variance slots and players with lots of cash in reserve may prefer high variance ones, since they can hold out for the bigger wins for a longer period. Generally speaking; low variance slot machines will have a much higher RTP rate than high variance slots. The general consensus is that if a slot machine has a theoretical RTP rate of between 93% and 97%, it is well worth a look, and will pay out often. If it has an RTP rate of 92% or less, you may wish to play a different game if you want to snap up frequent wins.

A great example

The best way we can showcase this is to take a slot machine which has a really fair and actually rather generous RTP rate. Let’s look at WMS Gaming’s Super Monopoly Money slot machine. This is a slot machine which is very flexible in terms of wagers, with bets costing anything from 1p up to £100. Super Monopoly Money will not cost you a packet to play, and it comes equipped with six different features, and a non-progressive jackpot worth up to 700x your total bet. All those special features make winning rather simple.

The slot machine has a theoretical RTP rate of 95%, which puts makes it very appealing to players who want frequent wins. Our If you want to play a slot machine with a generous RTP rate and one which guarantees wins rather frequently, we would recommend WMS Gaming’s Super Monopoly Money as a great place to start.