Many people who have had the opportunity to try sex dolls. They all say the same voice that it's really, really cool! Until having to pre-order, order the imported rubber dolls to treat each other uninterrupted lust. In a foreign country, it would be very normal to be in love with dolls, but! In Thailand there is still a primitive law that generally states that sex toys are forbidden in this land! Until making many men People have never tasted the fun with real dolls, if you want to test it and buy it than click on the highlighted link and buy your desire one in reasonable price. 

You will really satisfy from Xndoll services. Let’s know why men from all over the world are so fascinated, so fascinated that it causes 9 questions to ask the men about rubber dolls and today we will answer them. Doubts let you get rid of doubts!

1. Is the feeling of having sex with a rubber doll as satisfying as the real thing?
The first question is considered a popular question that has it all. That a real sex doll and a real pussy will be more satisfying. The answer is... Just like goats and sheep! With technology that is constantly being developed Make that rubber doll maker has imitated a woman's pussy out seamlessly. In addition, the details it’s very seductive both waist Massive mounds with pink nipples the more you feel like you're fucking with a real woman, there's nothing wrong with that! And the cute face of that rubber doll will make your lust burst until the water almost broke when inserted in just a few minutes having said this, the sex doll would be a perfect replacement for a real pussy!

2. Is the rubber doll really expensive?
As I said a moment ago, the perfect rubber doll has a high level of detail, a lot of details, which results in the price of the doll being quite expensive, but! Compared to the quality you get It's worth it. Because besides the appearance that looks like a real woman, the texture of a rubber doll it’s also soft as if it were really alive.

3. To buy a rubber doll Have to fly another country or buy in one place?
If it was before the answer to this question may be yes. But because the rubber dolls are very popular nowadays, the doll production base has started to spread out all over the world. So it's not just one country that sells rubber dolls anymore because many countries also have rubber dolls for sale openly. In addition, the face of the doll has changed according to the popular print of that country. As can be seen from the European zone, the sex doll focuses on meat, milk, eggs. But in Asia, it focuses on sweet girls. It's a clear woman. But the milk is bigger

4. Principles for choosing a rubber doll what needs to be taken into account?
The principle of choosing a sex doll does not have a fixed set of rules, mainly focusing on personal preferences. Some people like big boobs, big ass, some people like baby fuss, small tits get emotional; of course, the manufacturer of the sex doll has produced a variety of dolls, many models, or can be called a complete response to the preferences of men

5. Isn’t the sex doll illegal?
This fact cannot be denied that the dolls are still considered illegal, though! Her humility is often inconsistent with anyone, causing many people to order sex dolls imported from abroad which if asked for personal opinion the rubber doll didn't cause any trouble at all. It also helps reduce rape cases as well. It can be seen from a survey of countries that revealed these matters various crimes halved because men have a place to drain their libido like a sex doll.

6. Sex with a sex doll is 100% safe, sure or soft?
Fucking a real sex doll is 100% safe! Because you don't have to risk getting sexually transmitted diseases from others. Especially in this beautiful face but there are plenty of spoiled pussies to be seen which even if you say that it is protected by putting a bag But did you know that some diseases cannot be prevented by wearing a bag? So it's best to save yourself. By fucking a rubber doll at home but! Don't forget to clean the rubber doll after you finish the job. Otherwise, the rubber doll can become a breeding ground for germs.

7. How long is the usage period of the rubber doll?
Generally, the lifespan of a sex doll is about 3-4 years, but overall it depends mainly on the care of the user.

8. How much weight or shock can the rubber doll bear?
Each rubber doll is designed to bear the same weight. Therefore, before making a purchase, you must inquire with the seller in detail. But! The impact or shock would not be a problem because rubber dolls are designed specifically for these matters. Let you alley with full strength don’t be afraid that your pussy hurts like a real woman!

9. How to store dolls what should I do?
The way to keep the rubber doll is not as difficult as many people think, because you just clean the doll after the job is done. Wipe it dry and put it in the closet and you're done. But! Don't accidentally put the rubber doll in the sun because it will cause Silicon to deteriorate and easily break The answers to the 9 questions above will probably help you get to know the doll better which if anyone is interested in trying to feel the thrill from a rubber doll You can contact - inquire at