Texting culture has been gaining popularity for years now, and the public's habits have only been further solidified by the pandemic. SextPanther is an adult website that provides a safe and fun way for fans to engage with content creators. Virtual adult entertainment has exploded during COVID-19, boosting the company's profile and attracting more people on either side of the interaction. See what makes the business model so unique and why SextPanther has attracted four million users.

Texting, Phone, and Video
Text messages are the primary form of communication on SextPanther, though the platform is built for phone and video calls as well. It gives people a convenient way to connect with one another, with content creators charging fees for their services and users adding credits time and time again as they spend more time on the website.

Apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp have always been used for sexting, similar to nude chats on DirtyRoulette. The creators of SextPanther saw a way to provide a more streamlined service in this space. Instead of making people download or purchase another app, this is a secure website that is free to access and join.

This has given people a way to send convenient text messages in their own homes (or at work), adding a layer of privacy to their communications. This relatively anonymous way to communicate has taken a lot of pressure off of everyone, which has been particularly welcome during the pandemic.

The SextPanther Business Model
SextPanther is made up of both content creators and fans. The talent on the platform create their accounts and set their rates.  They can charge per photo/video, per minute calls, and per text message. 

This has been an excellent way for content creators to make extra income and for users to have a little fun. The relief from the exhausting demands of everyday life has kept fans coming back to the platform again and again.

SextPanther is open to everyone. Amateurs and professional content creators alike are welcome to design an account and make personal decisions that align with their individual goals. For instance, a content creator might choose only to send text messages, whereas another might opt to speak on the phone in addition to text messages. This is another benefit for users, as they're free to connect with talent who are upfront about what they will and won't do.

Content creators are automatically paid every two weeks, based on the spending of credits from paid users. SextPanther users can join for free, with no more than a username, password, and email. They can browse through different accounts to get a better sense of how SextPanther works and who's offering different services. If they choose, they can upgrade their memberships to contact talent directly by purchasing a credit package which ranges from $2 to $500.

SextPanther Security and Customer Service
SextPanther's website is user friendly and secure for both content creators and fans. The screening process for content creators is extensive, ensuring that there are no bots or catfish accounts on the site. This leaves users to browse without worrying about whether certain accounts are nothing more than a scam. If a user chooses to reach out to an individual, they're getting a real person offering real services.

It can make people somewhat nervous to join adult websites in terms of safety and privacy, which is why SextPanther has made every effort to protect its users and talent. Content creators do not have to give out their real phone numbers to fans. Instead, SextPanther generates a random, anonymous number for each creator on the website. Talent also will not have to input their credit card information to join. And it's the content creators who receive the majority of the commissions paid based on credits spent by users, not the website.

SextPanther has prioritized customer service in every way. The company wants everyone to get the full benefits of the website, whether they're trying to make some extra money or just want a few minutes of escape from the real world. The terms and conditions of joining the website are thoroughly explained before signup, ensuring that content creators and users understand how the website works, what's expected of them, and what they can do if they have questions or concerns.

The company also employs a friendly team of people who are happy to walk users through the process, clarify payment issues, and help everyone maximize their time on the platform. For instance, they might provide a few tips on how a content creator could attract more users to their account.

Part of why SextPanther has been so successful is that the company has prioritized choice for all parties. Content creators have different options to market themselves how they see fit, giving them a degree of control that has resulted in some lucrative side hustles. Users can also customize their experiences based on everything from communication style to budget. For instance, some people are happy to communicate strictly through text message, while others prefer the intimacy of a phone call.

The SextPanther Difference
SextPanther is offering people a new way to engage in adult content without fear of being catfished or having their identity stolen. If there are any issues along the way, a professional customer service team is there to solve the problem. Content creators have the opportunity to set up their own business and run it as they see fit. There's a reason that millions of people trust SextPanther.