The concept of a lottery draw has been around for thousands of years, and the format of most domestic lotteries has remained unchanged since their formations. While some enjoy the unchanged tradition, many players have begun to ask for more from the lottery, and that's where the Lottoland app comes in.

Based in Gibraltar, Lottoland have revolutionised the concept of lotteries with their own innovative lotto betting model. Players no longer buy a paper ticket and wait for the next draw, instead they bet on the outcome and win all the same prizes.

What's so special about that you ask? Well, for starters by betting on the lottery you are no longer limited to your own domestic draws. This means you can enter jackpots from around the globe via your mobile or tablet.

Now, residents of the United Kingdom have access to the three biggest lotteries on earth, the famous El Gordo jackpot from Spain, and America's PowerBall and MegaMillions. There are also a whole host of draws from South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

It's not just greater choice that makes the app appealing, it's also the range of promotions and special features. Regularly running "Special Jackpots", Lottoland gives their players considerably bigger potential prizes than the main draw.

They also offer a "Double Jackpot" feature as standard on their most popular jackpots, meaning players can bet for twice as much potential cash whenever they choose to.

Playing via the Lottoland app gives new and existing customers a range of promotions such as free / discounted bets, which can be redeemed easily on the go.

The Lottoland app was recently voted the best lotto app around, giving its users the best mobile app around. Shortly after, Lottoland was voted the best lottery provider. With industry recognition and a thriving player base of over 5 million happy customers, it's no surprise that their competitors are having to sit up and take notice of the lottery revolution going on around them.

If you enjoy the lottery, but want a better experience for your money, head to Lottoland and download their app today.