Marijuana is used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. But if you’ve never tried it, you may wonder why it’s become so popular as of late. With projected sales numbers toppling $6 billion by 2021, here are 7 non-medical advantages to marijuana.

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Unleash Your Creative Side

The health benefits of medical marijuana are extensive. The herb may be used to treat illnesses such as epilepsy, cancer, tumors and multiple sclerosis. It can also relieve problems that include ADHD, PMS, glaucoma and Alzheimer’s. But there are other sides to marijuana that go beyond assisting patients who are sick. Marijuana also has recreational uses. If you’re burdened by a sea of responsibilities, your lifestyle may be a dull routine of sleep, work and eat. Marijuana either smoked or eaten has interesting effects that allow you think outside the box. If you’ve always wondered if you could get your creative juices flowing, some people fire up a doobie for additional innovation. Whether you want to paint, play the piano or work on a hobby that you’ve been putting off, a few puffs have been known to help users bring out the artistic side.

Form Closer Bonds with Loved Ones

As an industry leader, Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, with today’s Denver Dispensaries exceeding Starbuck’s and McDonald’s locations combined. While some are worry the new political administration could enforce stringent regulations on the legalization of marijuana, the support shown for the herb continues to grow in staggering numbers. Part of the reason is that smoking marijuana is freeing and allows users to let down inhibitions. The deep connection and conversations that form from toking up have helped some form closer bonds to family and friends. You may also lose yourself in rolling fits of laughter with marijuana with people you thought you could never communicate with.

Enjoy Life’s Offerings

It’s easy to get caught up in a busy lifestyle. Simple things such as a beautiful sunset, nature, and a home’s surroundings may be taken for granted. But either ingesting or smoking cannabis gives a person the chance to observe the world around them without a tainted eye. Put on some calming tunes, break out the shades and kick back to witness Mother Nature’s bounty.

View Topics from a Different Perspective

The election the past year has seemed to divide the country in two. Although both sides have made some good points, stubbornness may be clouding many thoughts. A reason so many recreational users smoke pot is to experience a greater form of life. Cannabis leaves a person happy, mellow and relaxed. You may also find yourself more compassionate and able to broaden the perspective on the world. If you start to talk politics with your group of friends, a few drags on the herb may promote peace and harmony among your circle.

Test Your Boundaries

If you’re shy, you may stay away from certain situations such as mingling with new people. You may also be limited when testing new talents such as music, art and sketching for fear of being criticized. Users find marijuana can be a great inspiration when breaking out of a shell. It’s also allowed others the chance to be more outgoing and talkative.

Let Down Your Hair

As an adult, you probably have serious obligations on your mind such as bills, work and household chores. This type of stress can leave you feeling drained and anxious. Marijuana helps a person cut loose to seek the inner child from within. The temporary happiness also allows some to let go of burdens for a few hours and just have fun.

Energize Your Body

Some people rely on coffee to help feel energized and productive during the day. But there are some strains of marijuana that can give a person a much needed kick. Sativa strains leave a person feeling perky, heady and bursting with energy.

The advantages of marijuana for those who are sick are numerous. This helpful plant is a way for some to feel better and handle the diseases that may be hindering them from living life. But cannabis can also be enjoyed for recreational purposes with the above various reasons.