Surely, Doom 4 and Watch Dogs 2 are the undisputed hits among all the games that have been recently released. And for an experienced gamer, there’s, probably, nothing better in the entire world than ‘vanishing’ from reality for a couple of hours and enjoying these amazing masterpieces when nobody disturbs.

However, what should one do when there’s no chance he/she can fire up a console or, say, sink into some of the favorite slots at or another casino? The answer is, one can pop up a browser and get to gaming online, for there’s a great deal of truly engaging games there.

Despite the fact, is referred to a mobile type of games it can also be played via browser and is actually a great fun! This multiplayer game allows you to compete with thousands of other ‘snakes’ and steadily head towards your goal of becoming the biggest one through gobbling up snacks. Evokes some good memories of long hours spent at Tetris, doesn’t it?

Kingdom of Loathing

Role-playing games have always been a subject of general interest, boasting some catchy plot structure and unique atmosphere. Kingdom of Loathing, with graphics performed in a manner of hand-drawn pictures, offers one a great deal of humor and some truly involving missions. The game has won millions of admirers and tons of positive feedback.

Drakensang online

This one is a 3D role-playing game that’s also available for free. The stunning graphics, grasping visual effects and more than 10 hours of gaming content leave no one indifferent. Terrifying monsters and majestic dragons – this game has everything to make a fantasy fan willing to play. You may choose to play either a magical or a physical class to get through hundreds of enemies on your way.

Candy Box 2

Another remarkable action-adventure RPG is Candy Box 2, which at first glance seems to have rather primitive graphics. The fact is it really does. But graphics are not the primary thing one should admire here. There are some challenging quests and lots of horrifying monsters, aiming to foil your plants. Doing these quests and fighting those monsters becomes a key goal, tending to take quite a part of your time.


And finally, the game that’s become an undisputed hit among both gamblers and regular gamers is Starburst. What makes this slot distinct from hundreds of other games of this kind is the fact it boasts a simply irresistible gameplay multiplied by astonishing bright colors and impressive payouts. If you’re willing to not just play but try winning some extra cash, there’s simply no better option than Starburst. The colorful palette and flashing lights will get you truly entertained one of these long winter nights.