The need may be for household items or commercial items, but whatever the need might be, it becomes an absolute necessity to properly sealed and in a clean environment whenever you are storing or shipping these items at a certain place or from place to another. 

Food items are the biggest example when it comes to thinking about these sealed items. The best way to store or ship items in a sealed state is to use a shrink wrapping or shrink packaging machine that serves the purpose quite efficiently. These shrink packaging machines make use of plastic sheeting or wrap coupled with an adequate amount of heat to seal an item in plastic by removing the excess air around it. The item being sealed usually decides the type of plastic sheet that will be used by the shrink packaging machines, but usually the basic type of plastic that is used is one that can withstand the heat applied by the machine.

These shrink packaging machines, from brands such as Maripak, come in various complexities and sizes, all of which depend upon the need for the machine, and the capacity required by the packer. The market is filled with specialised shrink packaging machines for certain particular sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry. As medicinal items do not require a high amount of heat for sealing and packing, a much lighter variant of plastic can be used with ease.

The usual shrink packaging systems that are available in the market come with tunnels and are quite effect and fast when it comes to packing products and items. There is an L-bar sealer in basic shrink packaging machines, that cut the plastic film, followed by the heat tunnel sealing the film, thereby sealing the item. The film used in the machines is usually Polyolefin or PVC in nature, and can be used to pack cushions for chairs, DVDs, CDs and a variety of other items. 

Another type of packing mechanism that is used is the I-bar system, which is basically a straight bar shrink packaging machine. These machines are aimed at mid to low volume packing and sealing endeavours. This type of machinery is usually used to cut the plastic film or sheet around a product or item, following which, the item is sealed by a heat gun shrinking the sheet. These machines, in all actuality, are actually quite easy to use and are quite cost friendly and money saving. Products like frozen pizzas are packed with this sort of machinery. 

But the most important aspect of both these machine types is the heat shrink tunnel, which plays a vital role in shrinking the film or the sheet with the application of heat. Once the film has been cut to fit the item’s size perfectly, it is sent through the heat shrink tunnel on a conveyor belt, where it is sealed properly. Other than the pharmaceutical and food products mentioned above, other products that can sealed using this form of technology are fresh foods like meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. If you want to know more, you can click here for more details