Online dating gives rise to every fifth relationships. This statistics inexorably show that online way of finding love has gained a foothold in our lives. Though, that tendency is evident without any research. A lot of people of different age search for an opportunity to find love of their life, relationship without any commitment or just a friend to go to the concert with.

Anyway, a dating site offers a match meeting your expectations and intentions.  Though, online dating may imply hidden dangers that will readily take over you without being even suspicious.  This post is here to warn you in case you spend most of the time looking for a perfect match in the digital space. Check out the review for some tips. 

Digital Pen-Pal Syndrome    

This syndrome is not a disease. But is it some kind of avoiding the real goal why you registered on online dating, that is to find the perfect match. People suffering this syndrome are absolutely sure they found the right person at last. Tons of emails sent to each other are their only proof of that. Two pen-pals have the access to all innermost thoughts and feelings of each other. It seems like two pieces of puzzle came together. But there is one moment. They have never seen each other, and what’s more important, they are not going to take their digital relationships to reality. Be aware, if you notice you get stuck on this stage. It is highly likely you have some fears stopping you from real relationships. That’s why it is better to take time to overcome them and after that continue search.

Online dating totally replaces your life

That is a wake-up call. Dating sites are just a tool helping to find a match, but online dating is not life under any circumstances. Talking to real people, experiencing real emotions, feeling the drops of rain and smell of coffee go unnoticed by heavy users of online dating services. They are so wrapped up in the virtual world that all routine human happiness does not exist for them anymore. That state is quite symptomatic, and the only treatment is to delete your profile and learn to enjoy our real life. It is up to you how long isolation from online dating will last. It may be a week or a month. But next time you log in make sure your real life will not suffer from online searches of love.

The process of looking for love in the Internet does not bring joy and fun

Dating apps and sites are designed to make searches for love easier and faster. They offer a match according to your preferences, offers to wink and so on. On the flip side you, many people feel tension waiting for messages to come, winks or other manifestations of sympathy. When interest is shown they fell disanointed and start doubting in their attractiveness. Especially it concerns women.  If that is your case, maybe it is better to take time out rather than being in low spirits all the time only because your expectations and hopes were not met.