Some architects from Great Britain have a big dream and they've started a crowdfunding campaign for it. Their goal: raise £1.85 billion to construct Minas Tirith from 'Lord of The Rings.' Will they be able to achieve the goal?

For now, they've only raised $3,600 bucks, but who knows. They might actually reach it if someone with some serious cash wants to fund them.

The plan is to create a full-scale replica of Minas Tirith. It will be a fully functioning city where people can live and work.

They need about $23.5 million for the land, $294 million for labor, and $218 million for materials.

The architects want to build 645 homes within the structure ranging from 2-Star one bedroom homes to Luxury 4 bedroom penthouses.

If they can meet their crowdfunding goal, the construction will start by the end of 2016 and finish around 2023.

Check out the video of it below: