The Tesla Model X is The Car To Want

Yesterday, Elon Musk introduced the MOdel X. It comes with Falcon Doors and Bio-Weapon Defense systems. What more can you ask for from a car? This is seriously the car to want. Check it out:

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As the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted all of our lives, particularly following lockdown orders in various states, cities, and municipalities, a surprising trend in car accidents has emerged. Given the stay-at-home orders in many states – including California – one might logically assume that with more people stuck inside their homes (and not on the roads) the number of car accidents would therefore decrease. However, recent statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC) regarding car accidents, specifically those involving fatalities, seem to defy logic.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Sep 16, 2020 12:09
A sleek and shiny new vehicle is the dream of many, but even if you are simply looking for a car to take you from point A to point B and are not too concerned with specific models, it still pays to make the right decision. But when you have decided to get a car or vehicle, you have two main choices: should you lease, or should you buy? Nowadays, more consumers are opting for car leasing or contract hire not only because it allows them to save money on expensive down payments, but also because they can get a few other advantages besides. So why should you lease instead of buying a vehicle outright? Here, your main questions are answered.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Sep 11, 2020 12:37
There is indeed a lot to think about if you have made the decision to buy a car. The thing is, there are so many cars out there that you can become overwhelmed with all the choices, and to add to that, there are plenty of excellent car deals as well. But what are your exact priorities when purchasing a new vehicle? Your budget will be one important consideration, but there are other requirements such as the model, size, and more. So how can you really choose the best car for your needs? Let’s find out.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Sep 08, 2020 13:02
With Porsche being one of the most established, well-known brands of luxury cars in the world, it is expected that buyers have to pay dollars for one of their top-of-the-line vehicles. However, every penny you spend on a Cayman, Carrera, Cayenne, or Spyder will be worth it due to their speed, impeccable handling, and timeless style.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Aug 28, 2020 15:32
It doesn’t matter if you own one of the best fuel-efficient cars on the market when it comes to saving money. Even new car owners spend around $1,500.00 a year on fuel, according to a study by the American Automobile Association. There are ways of optimizing your cars fuel efficiency, though, and keep your car running better longer.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Aug 27, 2020 00:31
A leaking radiator, cracked gasket, changing piston rings, rust and worn down break-pads are just a few reasons why you may be stuck with a non running car or truck.   Read more
CAR NEWS  Aug 26, 2020 18:02
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