Science: Online Dating Is Bullsh*t

Bad news for online dating goers. According to Smart Scientists its all a bunch of hocus pocus. The good news is it still sort of works by accident, and might cause sex!

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Automatic AEDs come in two varieties: fully automatic and semi-automatic. While the fully automated AED is easier to use, it still requires some fundamental knowledge be-fore you can employ it.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 26, 2020 17:09
Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers out there. It is also one of the most innovative smartphone companies in the world. Over the year, Samsung has graced the world with a lot of interesting devices. And most of their devices have included tech that really sets them apart from everyone else. One of the most interesting innovations from Samsung has been the curved edge display. Samsung introduced its curved edge display a few years ago and it took the world by storm. Now, a lot of major phones have curved displays. They all followed in Samsung’s footsteps after realizing how popular curved displays were.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 24, 2020 02:31
In the secure management of M&A due diligence, procurement and contract agreements, automated data room plays the critical role. This will help you simplify the process and protect this. According to research, 90% of VDR consumers accept that consistent solutions play an important role in M&A growth.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 22, 2020 01:23
Getting a new business off the ground can be daunting. A high percentage of businesses fall in the first few years, around 50 percent, and many more struggle for a while after that, around 70 percent failing after ten years. If you’re starting a new business, you need every edge you can get to succeed.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 20, 2020 13:42
The Amazon Alexa App for Echo is used to set up Alexa-enabled devices to listen to music, get timely news updates, and create shopping lists and many other daily routines. Alexa is a portable device that recognizes the voice and vocabulary according to personalized preferences.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 19, 2020 19:47
What is this ITIL 4 foundation, many might be wondering?

Is it different from earlier versions? 

It is an understood fact that most new releases of frameworks are the improvements, upgradations, gap-filling of older versions, refinement, and rectification of initial snags. Therefore, ITIL 4 foundation is not too different from V2 (the previous version), preferably it is an enhancement.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 19, 2020 14:06

Did you know that there was a staggering 3,800 number of data breaches in just six months of 2019? This is indeed an alarming sign for data users around the globe and an eye-opener for security experts. This creates the impression that there is no computer online which is not vulnerable to online threats.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 18, 2020 23:19
Successful entrepreneurs realize that there is further strategy to building an effective business than simply offering incredible items and services. Building and rising a private venture likewise includes educating the world about your extraordinary items and services.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 18, 2020 15:23
Before knowing the importance of local search, we suggest you know about what is local SEO first. Because, if you understand the concept of Local SEO, then there will no problem knowing about the importance of local search. So, let us start in brief now!!!  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 17, 2020 20:47
Like almost all cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin (BCT) has its own token which is none other than BTC. The latter is ERC-20 type and is the official currency of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BCT). It is therefore with these tokens that you can make money transfers that your recipient receives in the same form instantly.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 16, 2020 23:23
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