Veneers have become something of a celebrity favourite. It’s the ultimate way of achieving a Hollywood smile. Rows of pearly white teeth are not down to good genes. It’s the work of a quality dentist. When it comes to dental veneers, many people are keen to emulate the sparkling white teeth of our favourite celebrities. But, what are the dos and don’ts when it comes to cosmetic dentistry?

Let’s find out.

Veneers: What You Should Do

Veneers can give you an incredible smile. But, you do need to be aware of a few things before you opt for this kind of cosmetic treatment. Make sure that you seek out a reputable dentist. Aim to use a dentist that has cosmetic dentistry within the CV. Places such as Skelton Orthodontics, PLLC are great for giving advice. While you may want to have teeth like Jennifer Aniston, the reality may look a little different. We expect celebs to have fantastic, bright white smiles. But, here in the real world, it can seem bizarre. Talk to a reputable dentist about colour matching before you opt for the whitest teeth of them all. After all, you don’t want to look like Ross from Friends!

Experience is important when you opt for a porcelain smile. Your dentist should have a wealth of experience. This surgery can be quite painful, so you want to ensure that you are dealing with a professional.

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Of course, there are some things to consider post-veneers too. Brushing, flossing and maintaining a strict dental and oral hygiene regimen is imperative. Veneers, while being artificial, will still need to go through a strict cleaning regimen. If you don’t, your veneers may suffer.

One thing that you must do is to check out if you are a tooth grinder. Bruxism can occur during your sleep, so you will need to check with your dentist if there are telltale signs of this problem. If there is, you will need to invest in a mouth guard. If you don’t, your teeth could break and fracture. What’s more, this can be very painful indeed if you have had a brand new Hollywood smile implanted.

Things to Avoid When You Have Veneers

You don’t have to live like a saint, but avoiding excessive alcohol is important. Not just for your health, but also for your new teeth. The bonding material can be softened by consuming too much booze. So, cut it out and protect your fabulous new teeth. Of course, alcohol, tea and caffeine are the main culprits when it comes to teeth staining. Try to limit your intake of these too. After all, you need to make sure that you are preserving the life and look of your teeth.

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While it may be tempting to bite on crunchy candy and toffee, please don’t. Biting hard objects can see fit to ruin your new teeth. As the veneer is implanted, you need to make sure that you are not putting more stress than necessary on your pearly whites.

Your teeth are your biggest asset. Make sure that you look after them.