We already know Facebook is taking over the world. Nearly nothing is done without anything getting onto Facebook these days. So naturally, pediatricians are now being advised to incorporate this modern phenomenon by applying social media observations to their young patients.
In a nod to the ever-increasing role that social media plays in the lives of kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is calling on pediatricians to incorporate questions about social media usage into doctor visits.

The new policy recommends pediatricians advise parents to bring up digital issues including cyberbullying, sexting and the uncanny way the Internet proves a persistent obstacle to successful time management. Parents should regularly oversee what their kids are doing online and should consider implementing a “family online-use plan” that lays out a set of family rules for online behavior. Some examples: Nobody uses tech at the table. Kids go online only once they finish their homework. Parents — and this is a tough one — can't  tap away at smartphones when they're out with their children
Gwenn O'Keeffe, co-author of the clinical report and a pediatrician outside Boston who has written Cybersafe, says as long as your children have Facebook accounts, you should sharpen your technology skills and should definitely 'friend' your kids on Facebook.