Want to rent a luxury watch? Eleven James is the latest to join the rental fashion craze. For a nominal fee ranging from $249 USD to $1,599 USD a month, members will receive a selection of three to six watches that vary in luxury to wear without owning or being tied down to a particular style.

After the cycle is over, one sends their timepieces back to Eleven James for cleaning and they are then shipped off to another user. The membership will include a personal concierge that will help each individual through their selection process.

Watches include IWC,Panerai, Patek Phillipe and more. Learn more about Eleven James and its offerings here.

A watch is not only practical but it is a statement and if you want that statement to be luxurious then Goldsmiths have a great selection for you to choose from. Our selection of luxury watches online is sure to satisfy your needs and there will no doubt be a timepiece that you will wear with pride on a daily basis.