LED sneakers have been worn by millions of people in the United States. Either it is simply for jogging or going to a party, LED sneakers always look cool on your feet. What LED shoes you should buy? Here is the guide for you.

LED Shoes: Guidance to Buy the Perfect Shoes for You
LED shoes generally use basic LED light strips along with rechargeable batteries. Most of the batteries used in the LED shoes now are made in China. So, this will make it a little bit hard for you to find the replacement battery once it is broken. However, it will be much better if you purchase the batteries via online that is available with a strong return policy in place. Generally, the LED sneakers available in the market now come in women’s size. The shoes usually have a smaller size, they are about half point lesser than the regular sizes you commonly find in US. So, if you are a man, just keep in mind to buy LED sneakers which come with one size larger than you usually wear in the country. But, if you are a woman, you should remember to purchase the same size just like you usually wear. However, if your feet are larger in size, you should manage to purchase half a size bigger than what you normally wear when you are in the United States.

Where You Should Buy the LED Shoes
There are a lot of stores provided LED shoes for customers and one of them is Light Ups. io. The company is located in San Diego, California, United States. The company is now a leading provider of LED sneakers as well as other LED products with good quality across the world. The distributor comes with a specific mission to provide Light-Ups shoes as well as the apparel with an affordable price so more people would be able to buy the items and lighten their special occasions.

The company also comes with more than 30 products of neon LED shoes that are available for customers to opt include LED Low Tops, LED High Tops, Purge Lady Liberty Mask, LED glasses, LED Rave Gloves, and much more. All of the products provided by the company are not only suitable for women and men, but also for kids. Every product available can bright up in multiple colors and modes. They are also completed with a battery pack and USB charger to make it possible for the customers to charge or replace the battery once it runs out of energy. Generally, your LED shoes will be able to lit up the shoes for about nine hours long if you charge it fully. However, it happens in one condition that is you lit the shoes on the mode of solid light. If you lit the shoes on the blinking modes, they can only last less than nine hours. There is a smart tip you can do if you want to keep the shoes longer than nine hours. You can manage to bring another pair of Led shoes that are fully charged. You can change the previous shoes easily once they go off while you are in a party.