One of the best parts about lazing on the beach and being outside is soaking up the sun and getting the perfect tan. But as we all know that a great tan is often a lot harder to achieve than it seems! Sticky tanning lotions, awkward tan lines, and the potential awkwardness of having to bare it all can make attaining that bronzed glow incredibly difficult! That’s why we are loving the amazing Tan Through swimwear from CoolTanⓇ that lets you get an even, overall tan right through your swimsuit or swim shirt. 

The secret to CoolTan’s Tan Through swimwear is their use of Microsol V, a lightweight fabric that filters in sunlight like a medium level sunscreen. The fabric is made using a specially knitted fabric that lets sunlight in, allowing you to get the perfect tan, while wicking moisture and allowing air to flow through to keep you dry and cool. The material is super light and thin and dries up to 3x faster than normal fabric, making it the perfect choice to take on vacation. 

Getting a tan with CoolTan’s unique line of swimsuits and swimsuits can be as easy as walking along the beach, but is also great for all your favorite activities like boating, water sports, or even doing outdoor work in your own backyard. We also love that the suits are durable and machine washable, super easy to take care of and will last long! Definitely a win in our book!

CoolTan has a variety of different swim styles, from one pieces to two pieces, as well as Tan Through shirts that can be worn when golfing, or playing tennis or even just working outside. Check out their website to see for yourself why we are loving CoolTan’s swimwear that will give you your perfect tan, easily and comfortably.