Proper lighting is essential for both indoor and outdoor environments. Lighting materials are of different kinds. A lighting design that captivates occupants and provides adequate illumination in the surrounding is perfect for setting a welcoming atmosphere and an active mood. Different room settings or environments might need different lighting designs, according to the nature or purpose of the room. 

Here are best designer brands in the U.K:

This is a lighting brand that has dominated the market in the U.K for its contemporarily lighting designs which accentuate design and creativity at its level best. Are you a classy or vintage lover? This is the best place for you. Delightfull has fantastic creations which pay attention to details to provide you with exactly what you want. Their pieces range from living room designed lights, bathroom lights, hallway lights and fantastic crystal chandeliers.

Heal is the perfect place for your lighting needs if you appreciate the essence of design and creativity. They offer a variety of lighting that ranges from modern designer lighting to traditional designer lighting which comprises of floor lamps, lampshades, reading lamps, exclusive lighting, and ceiling lights.

LPDi lighting Architects and Designers 

Basically LPDi are architects of light designs. By embracing technological systems they create an architectural state of the art lighting designs. The reason why LPDi is exceptional from other lighting brands is due to its broad focus on the integration of architecture and lighting.

Scotlight Direct – this lighting company in the U.K offers best designer lights and lighting products by providing elegance and style in lighting materials for both indoor and outdoor environments. A variety of collection of lamps and lighting is available at Scotlight. Examples are; light designer ceiling light, designer wall lights, and outdoor lights. For more information on Scotlight products, visit


This brand emphasizes customer satisfaction by providing tailor-made and unique designs of lightings preferred by the customer. They focus to ensure energy efficiency and pay attention to details of their pieces. Their primary objective is to integrate light into the architecture to produce desired results.

Michael Grubb Creative Lighting Design Agency 

For all the lighting needs from master planning, consultancy, light and art events, to the exterior and interior lighting designs, this is the place to be. This agency portrays professionalism in the mastery of light and creativity in crafting lighting designs that are unique and innovative.

Nulty Lighting Design 

With their favorite mantra “more than meets the eye” Nulty designers come up with mind-blowing ideas which dictate their lighting concepts in any project. Their main aim is to captivate people by designs that meet the eye and creates a charming atmosphere in any that present environment. Their products range from chandeliers, spotlights and wall lights. Their broader market has penetrated various parts of the world.

In summary, I believe that lighting plays a major role in interior or exterior décor. Designed lighting materials are considered a very significant element in an environment complementing texture and color. Additionally Lighting provides a transformational factor that shifts a home’s look to the next level. For that reason, why don’t you try a little design when considering your lighting in your home and experience transformation?