Our children seem to be growing very fast. Simultaneously grows their need for being tech savvy by owning smart phones. Parent face sleepless nights imagining their children using smartphones for altogether wrong reasons like too much messaging, effect of social networking sites, accessing adult sites and what not.

At such times it becomes a nightmare to keep a check on their children’s activities on the phone. This can be the case for businessmen who are always worried about the business trade secrets being leaked out or the security of the business is compromised. Such problems can be cause of major tension among people who want the best security and watchfulness for their near and dear ones as well as their prized possession.

For such people there is this great application introduced in the technology market known as mspy. This is a paid application and a SMS Tracker app which when installed in the target device can help keep a track on the activities happening in the target device.

Let us have a look at the features of mspy app and understand how it is helpful in your life:

1.    Browser tracker

The children of today are smart. They have a lock put up for accessing their smart phones which the poor parents are not aware of. So even if the parents want to access their browser history to check their latest sites of interest, they are unable to do so. For a businessman it is essential to know if the employees are making productive use of the office computers in his presence as well as absence. This SMS tracker app allows you to track the web browser of the target device to know the sites visited and the date and time of visit.

2.    Geo-fencing

This feature supported by mspy is an answer to every parents prayers who have a doubt about their children making wrong use of their device like visiting adult sites etc but have no way of confirming. Geo fencing by mspy helps you to put up a virtual boundary around the sites that are off limit for the target device. Whenever the device enters the boundaries you receive a message informing you about it.

3.    SMS tracking

This SMS tracker app is helpful in keeping track of the sent as well as received messages by the target device. Not only that but you can view the content of the messages along with the name of its sender and receiver with the date and time.

4.    SMS tracker for iPhone

This is an excellent app of SMS tracker for iPhone. If you have children or employees making extensive and doubtful use of their IOS device, this app SMS tracker for iPhone can be god send to keep track on the communication performed on that device. Its message monitoring feature can provide information about the sent and received messages with the time and name of the sender or receiver along with the contents.

The above pointers make it absolutely clear why the SMS tracker app is extremely essential in our day to day business and protecting what is important to us. It is an easy process of buying the app and installing it in your target device and start tracking the daily activities of it.