iOS: Here's a list of some apps that will make your life much easier. Check it out below:

1. iRuler

Measuring stuff with iRuler makes it easier than carrying a physical one in your pocket. The app is free of advertisements, and users can click to switch measurement types.

2. Flashlight

It might sap your battery, but its essential if you need a flashlight you can carry in your pocket.

3. Bump

The Bump app shares photos between wireless devices with a simple tap.

4. Free WiFi Finder

Free WiFi Finder tracks those locations closest to you so you don't have to keep trying and finding every time you arrive at a spot.

5. Cloth

Cloth allows you to "unlock your closet" and track your outfits. Organize your clothing and pull what to wear, all while you check the weather.

6. Find My Car

A simple solution to this is to snap a picture of where you parked. But if you want to rely on an app for that, try this out. Some reviews complained about the accuracy, but it does work to a certain degree.

7. Decide Now!

Don't know what to do during the weekends? Try this app out. All with the spin of a wheel.

8. iTranslate

iTranslate easily translates words, phrases and emails into more than 50 languages. This app also offers spoken translations and a dictionary with suggestions.

9. White Noise Lite

Trouble sleeping? Then drift off to sleep with White Noise Lite's app. The sounds of waves, thunderstorms and nature gradually fade as you fall asleep.

Here's a bonus recommendation: all-in-one iPhone manager for you to manage your iPhone content and transfer photos, contacts and other data from your old iPhone to new iPhone.