Let’s imagine you are running your business. As a young entrepreneur, you will face a lot of lettering and communication through emails. In the beginning, it would be alright to use plain email signatures – just your name with your position inserted in a form of text.

You do not actually need that much of image while your business is still developing… or do you? I readily reassure you that you DO need to create your online “face” from the very beginning of your career. Eventually, you will be exceedingly thankful for it.

So, now that you know it, the time has come to reveal our business strategy of creating your online image. I would like you to meet signature maker newoldstamp.com – probably, the best supporter of both novices and advanced businessmen.

This team provides you with template email signatures. And just look at them! They are beautiful! Of course, customizable signatures can be much more individual and unique. However, having a template email signature is much easier and, what is ridiculously important for a young businessperson, cheaper! These guys provide you with a free sample (always attractive, isn’t it?) – you can create your own trial signature right there on the site and use it for several days! This will help you decide what kind of business plan will work for you.

Later on, you will be able to change your premium signature pricing. Depending on how many signatures your company needs, the payment plan can vary from $2 per month for 1 signature to 50$ for 100 signatures. In addition, you will also get professional templates (why not customize them a bit?), unlimited installations, and premium 24/7 support if something goes wrong with your email signatures! You can upgrade to a plan with more signatures or cancel at any time. 

You might consider working with other companies to create and maintain your signatures. However, I am sure you will not ever find such a great collaboration of pricing and high quality. If you do not believe me, ask for a reference at their official site.

What is even more important – this team works with popular web-based email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.) and is adapted to various desktop email clients, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Airmail etc. These guys also provide their customers with the fast hosting of their images, banners, and icons – you will always be able to individualize your email signature.