Watch out Toy Story , as these little plastic guys have some seriously big attitudes!

Ask any adult today, and chances are they'll definitely recall the joy of playing with LEGO blocks. While many kids today would much rather be playing with apps, there's a good chance that the Lego movie will get them at least curious about picking up the hobby.

Be warned: Spoilers ahead!

As the slogan in the poster says, The Lego Story is the story of "a nobody who saved everybody." That nobody is Emmet (Chris Pratt), the most generic of the little Lego figures. Just look at him!

This self-proclaimed regular guy couldn't be happier with his ordinary life, which involves following whatever rules have been dished out by Lord Business (Will Ferrell). Emmet truly believes that everything is just AWESOME all the time!

A chance encounter with a mysterious hooded figure soon leads Emmet to stumble upon 'The Piece of Resistance'. Turns out that Emmet is the missing piece of an ancient prophecy, one that will ultimately make him the Neo of his own little plastic world.

The discovery soon turns Emmet into a prime target, but he gets rescued by the "master builders", a secret society filled with all sorts of quirky and lovable Lego characters. It is up to them to all work together in order to prevent Lord Business from seizing control of the entire Lego universe.

Depending on your degree of cynicism, this movie will either be a truly exciting cinematic event or a 100-minute long toy commercial. But the amazing 3D graphics, interesting storyline, and pop culture jokes are more than enough to keep most viewers entertained. And there's definitely no denying that Lego kits will be flying off those toy shelves after this movie gets out.

So if you're looking for something with loveable characters, big laughs, and a heartwarming twist, this fun film might be just the ticket. The Lego Movie, out in Malaysian cinemas starting from February 6th.