When wedding season is just around the corner, all of us are busy with preparations. From getting the clothes stitched to event management, there is a lot to do. However, one thing is common for all and that is wearing salwar kameez. 

Given that there is a multitude of options we can choose from, it has become difficult to get the right salwar kameez, especially for ladies. From party wear salwar kameez to more towards formal dressing, there is countless options to select from. Nevertheless, here are the different kinds listed to make your purchase an easier task:

1. Anarkali 

This is one of the most loved styles amongst all individuals that tend to suit all body types. Women with athletic and lean bodies do not have to worry at all. However, it is preferable to avoid floor-length Anarkali as it might make you look shorter. Pick darker shades since they look better compared to lighter ones. 

2. Palazzo

Palazzo suits also known as sharara styles are ideal selections for those who are bored from the typical salwar kameez we get in the markets. It is difficult to resist the appeal of this style but it is preferable for short women to stay away from this trend. These options look really good on tall women and one who have broad shoulders. For shorter women, the suit adds more volume to the lower half which does nothing but even makes you look shorter than you actually are.

3. Salwar suits

This is one of the most popular options for women in the South Asian region, however, the classic design has transformed a lot with the progression of time. It is a style that suits each and every women. Women having full figure must go for comfort fit while slender girls can go for other versions. Shorter women must avoid salwar that are too loose. 

4. Straight suits

These are also termed as Pakistani style suits that appears to be highly smart when it comes to visuals. The long straight kameez looks appealing on all sorts of body. Even though it looks better on tall women, the sharp cuts make short women look taller as well. 

5. Patiala suits

This is another option that can be suited on every type of body. In fact, it is loved by all. If you have a decent height, this is style is the right choice for you. However, if you are short then make sure you choose a Patiala salwar with less volume and a kameez that is short in length. 

6. Front slit suits

This style is not for women who are on the heavier side of the scale. Women having athletic body can wear this style and look good. Also it is preferable to go for stiff fabrics. Short girls can even rock this suit by just wearing a pair of heels. 

Here were some of the most popular salwar kameez that can be worn anywhere.