Almost every Indian woman is completely smitten by the craze of draping ethnic Indian saree, and it won’t be wrong saying that the trend is finding followers across the globe as well. It’s a dream of every Indian ethnic fashion lover to pull off this amazing trend with sheer perfection as it is considered an excellent choice for gatherings, special occasions, weddings, etc.

The marvelously draped nine yard wonder looks amazing as it not only highlights your curves but also makes you appealing to the people around. No matter what your age, complexion or figure is, you can still rock this trend with panache. Although you can buy stylish Indian sarees online, the real challenge comes when you ready yourself for draping it. Some women think that draping a saree is an art, which of course it is, but you don’t have to hold a master degree in it to make it look perfect.

Draping a saree might seem complicated if you are new to it, but following these simple tips can certainly ease the task to some extent, while helping you look your gorgeous best in this lovable Indian attire.

Choose Saree Fabric According to Your Body

This is the first and the foremost step when it comes to wearing a saree. Choose fabric according to your body type, which means skinny girls can opt for both flowy and stiff kind of fabric, whereas women on the chubbier side should only go for lighter fabrics, say chiffon or cotton. This will makes your curves visible while hiding that extra flab coming, thus making you less conscious of your extra pounds.

The Pleat Perfection

The art of draping a saree is all about setting neat pleats, which are well aligned and pinned to perfection. Make sure you pin your pleats only when you are satisfied because once they are pinned, it will be difficult to redone them. Fixing pleats later on will only make them look messy and also hampers your adjustment process especially when you are opting for starched cotton saree or a sophisticated silk number.

Pallu is The Key

Your saree remains incomplete without the pallu, which goes directly over the shoulder once you are done with pleats. The way you wish to take your pallu depends on the kind of saree you are wearing. Classic pinned up pallu is excellent for traditional embroidered sarees, however, if you are wearing a chiffon or georgette saree then a single layer pallu can be an excellent choice. Cotton, bandhej, kanthawork, etc. sarees look best when draped in traditional Gujarati style.

The Bling Factor

Not everyone aligns with the idea of adding some bling to their saree, but then there are some who simply cannot resist the bling factor. However, what we suggest is that there is no harm in adding some bling to your saree especially if you are going for a dinner party or a wedding ceremony. Plain simple sarees looks good for office as they keep your demure simple. Plain saree with embellishments can make you look gorgeous in no time.

Color of Your In Skirt

The color of your inskirt, popularly known as petticoat in India is of equal importance as your blouse. The color of your saree and inskirt should be same; however it can be slightly different if you are wearing an opaque saree. But for sarees like net, chiffon and sheer, the color of your inskirt should be strictly same. Although cotton is considered to be a comfortable choice, a satin inskirt offers mesmerizing glow within your saree.

The Blouse

Nothing can beat the charm of a perfectly tailored blouse complementing your saree. An ill fitted blouse can make you look shabby while ruining your entire silhouette as well. There are several designs and patterns available which you can consider while getting the one stitched. Opt for deep neck from back or even backless blouse with full embroidered sleeves to stand out in the crowd. A fancy blouse might cost you much higher than a regular one but it will surely up the glamour factor of your saree.

Accessorize it well

No Indian attire is considered complete without the inclusion of matching accessories. Start with footwear which should have minimum two inch heel and preferably a sandal or stiletto. Always drape a saree after wearing your heels to get the perfect length. Throw in a pair of nice ear rings to finish off the look. A necklace can be added depending on the occasion but a heavy embroidered blouse reduces the requirement for extra bling. Do not over accessorize as it will make you look tacky.

While these are the basic commandments for wearing a traditional Indian saree life a professional, there is still lot of things left which you can do to make your saree attire a mesmerizing affair.