There are some jewelry you probably don't bother taking off since it's always going to look good on you. Heck, you even shower with them! Here are some more you might think twice of removing once it's on you. Check it out below:

1. Teeny dino earrings.


2. A puzzle charm.

3. This tiny and tough hand chain.

4. Quotation mark earrings.

5. A threadlike lariat for any neckline.

6. A simple knotted ring.

7. A wee skull.

So cool!

8. A golden pine cone.

9. An intricate red crochet lace flower to sit on your ears all day.

From Forever Handmade.

10. One too many rings.

Still cool.

11. An ampersand band.

12. A twig bracelet.

13. A baby hedgehog pendant.

14. A midi ring.

15. A delicate bangle.

Be careful now!