From the moment you buy your home, any repairs or renovations you make are going to be investments in it. Replacing your windows is a major investment in your home’s overall look, safety, and comfort, therefore, it’s an investment that you’re not going to take so lightly.

For most homeowners, cost is the number one concern when comparing window replacement companies. Cost is also the motivation behind why lots of DIY’ers take on home projects that are beyond their level of expertise. But alongside home renovation projects you should never attempt on your own, replacing the windows of your home falls into that category as well, even if it is to save a few bucks.

Lots of companies like to advertise deals like “you can have one window installed for under $200!” Those deals really would be great deals if they were true. But the truth of the matter is that if you’re going to invest in quality window replacement services, it’s going to cost you more than $200 per window. 

Advertisements like that give you all the more reason to really take your time and thoroughly research different window replacement companies before investing in one.

Ideally, you want to have three to four companies to compare, and once you’ve found the company that’s going to give you the best value for the price they’re asking, you’ll have then found the right window replacement company for you.

But before you start browsing companies, you first need to know what you’re comparing. Take a look at some of the biggest comparison factors to look at when hiring a window replacement company for your home.

What to Consider When Comparing Window Replacement Companies

Warranties are a great way to ensure your windows are covered for damages over an extended amount of time. Unfortunately, no one ever thinks about product warranties until some kind of damage has happened. 

What a warranty covers and the length of coverage is all dependent on the manufacturer, but when a window replacement company offers a strong warranty, that should let you know that the company is very confident in the quality of their products and services and are willing to cover any damages that ensue beyond regular wear and tear.

In fact, according to, the warranty a company gives you extends way beyond what you read or see. And if the warranty is over $15, the retailer is required to read your warranty to you. A lot of sales associates are unaware of warranty laws, so before you sign up for a warranty, ask to see it in writing before you buy.

When considering costs, it’s easy to get caught up in the quality you want versus what your budget will allow. Cost is a tricky game but it’s important to not give into those “too good to be true” deals, because 9 times out of 10, they usually are.

When looking at cost, you have to factor in

Quality of the materials
Unexpected problems

Depending on the type of windows you want, how will your investment save on your electric bill in the long run? What is the expected lifespan of the windows? Are the installers certified and can guarantee a quality installation? These are all questions you need to ask the window replacement companies when comparing prices.

Glass Options Available
In the minds of homeowners, glass is glass… It’s clear and it lets sunshine in your home; nothing more, nothing less. But what you probably didn’t know is that there are quite a few different glass options available to you, making glass more than just glass.

Maybe you’re looking for windows that are sturdy to withstand the harsh winters in your area. Or maybe you’re looking for energy-efficient windows to save on your light bill. If you’re looking for energy-efficient windows, just make sure the company can guarantee their windows are indeed energy-efficient with an ENERGY STAR certification.

Just take into consideration the uses of the different glass options and see how their uses align with the needs of your home.

The proof is in the pudding and there is nothing better to help you make a final decision on which company to go with than seeing what previous customers have to say about their service, and that includes good and bad reviews.

When comparing companies, you have the right to ask for previous clients and to contact them too. And in all honesty, if a company knows they do quality work, they’ll have no problem giving you a list of references for you to check. A company that doesn’t want to give you a list of references probably has something to hide.

Certified Installers
Last, and certainly not least, you want to make sure that the company you choose has certified installers… That’s what’s going to ensure a quality installation. You could have the sturdiest, most expensive windows on the market, but they’re still going to break or have a short lifespan if they’re installed poorly.

Ask questions about the company’s installation process. You can even check the certifications of the contractors and manufacturers if you want to get deep into it! Ultimately, you’re assessing their expertise and you can actually find out some of this information during your reference check. 

So don’t feel intimidated to ask questions. You need to ask as many questions as you can to ensure you’re making the right investment in the right company… This is your home, after all, and making sure it’s safe and comfortable is your number one concern.