Having a man cave not only gives the man of the house a place to hang out and relax, but it also gives the rest of the family a break from loud football games and poker nights with buddies. Everyone needs a place of their own to de-stress, relax and even indulge. This is also a great place for your man to keep his sports memorabilia and other treasures from his bachelor days. Most guys just appreciate having a place of their own, but here are five man cave must-haves that will make things even better.

Video Game System

Entertainment is a big part of the man cave scene. A nice flat screen TV is a given. It’s kind of hard to watch the game without it. But, let’s be honest, what does your man really want to do when no one’s watching? That’s right, play video games. That’s why along with the TV the man cave really needs to be equipped with a video game system. His buddies will appreciate it too. Having a game system is a great way for the guys to hang out and interact without actually having to interact.

A Reclining Couch

Comfortable seating is a must. Everybody loves recliners, and everybody loves couches. If you don’t have the budget for an entire furniture collection, a reclining couch will meet all of your man cave needs. It’s great for sitting on and watching TV. Your man can lean back and relax and have a buddy do the same. It’s also great for lying down and resting when he needs some alone time.


Refreshments are a big part of the man cave experience. Obviously, there needs to be a refrigerator and a bar and even a small pantry area for chips and snacks. But the most awesome addition to the bar is a kegerator. You can find a great selection of kegerators at North Shire Brewery. This will enable your man to pour fresh cold draft beer right at home. The beer will stay fresh up to 30 days. 

With a kegerator, he can drink as much or as little as he wants with no empty bottles and cans to deal with. If you want to create the ultimate man cave draft beer experience add in a beer slushie machine to top off that draft beer with beer slushy. This combination literally can’t be topped.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Sometimes your guy will need some quiet time. Noise canceling headphones are the perfect answer to helping him relax and focus. Maybe he even wants to meditate and may not want everyone else to know. More likely, he will be rocking out and the rest of the family will appreciate not having to hear that old Metallica album.

A Poker Set

A man cave needs to have a table of some sort. Many ideal man caves have pool tables, but unless you have a lot of room a regular table or game table may have to do. The important thing is that he has a place to sit and “work” or hang out with his friends. No matter what type of table you have, a poker set is a welcome addition. Having a poker night is a great way for guys to blow off steam and spend quality time with their friends.