I’m pretty certain we’re all getting bored of the cold weather by now. When the weather is starting to get me down and make me feel glum, I like to give my house a bit of a makeover. If I can make things a little brighter in the home, it puts me in a better mood as I remember that summer is on its way! Plus, if you gave your home a winter makeover, dark colours and fluffy decorations aren’t really going to suit the summer vibes. Use these tips to help you brighten up your home:

Add Feature Walls All Over

Feature walls make a room look more interesting and fun. They’re somewhere the eye is naturally drawn to, and they help to enhance the look of a room. You can create an effective feature wall in a number of ways. You could use a plain colour that contrasts the rest of the room, for instance. You could even find a loud wallpaper that you like the look of and use that. When it comes to rooms like the kitchen, you don’t need to add an entire wall. Why not have fun with your backsplash?

Get Creative With Tiling

Using tiles can be a lot of fun if you want to get creative. You can do this with your kitchen backsplash, as mentioned previously. You can also use tiles to create a fun effect on flooring, in the bathroom, and anywhere else you see fit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

So many people buy matching sets of furniture, cushions, etc. But sometimes it can actually look better if you mix things up instead! Mixing up different styles of furniture and cushions of different patterns can give an amazing, boho vibe to a room.

image via flickr

Always Include Artwork

Artwork helps to brighten up the home and gives us something positive and thought inducing to look at. If there’s an empty wall in your home that you just don’t know what to do with, include some art. It could be art by your favourite artist, by you, or even by your kids.

Make Sure Your Colors are Fresh and Clean

There’s brightening things up with a bit of colour, then there’s going overboard and turning your house into a fully fledged rainbow. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, but do make sure you’re being sensible. Stick to one or two bright colours, and mix those with fresh colours such as bright white. Keeping some neutral colours in there helps to balance things out. In the bedroom, get creative with your walls and then use bright white bed linen to keep it fresh and clean looking, or vice versa. Find more info here.

Make a Mood Board

If you’re not sure where to begin, make a mood board from old newspapers and magazines. This should give you a good idea of styles and colour schemes you like!

Are you ready to give your home a summer makeover now? Get creative and have fun!