If you want to ramp up your lifestyle by making your home more comfortable, enjoyable, or efficient, there are plenty of options. The goal is to incorporate practical and interesting hacks that have the potential to turn living space into a getaway of creature comforts and enhanced function. For some owners, that means earning a side income by renting out a spare room to a tenant.

Others prefer to install a home lift or portable sauna to add to their quality of life. However, for those who are looking for a way to get away from the fast-paced world of high technology, a no-tech room makes perfect sense. Here are details about some of the coolest hacks for transforming your lifestyle without leaving home.

Install a Home Lift

Of all the possible lifestyle upgrades a homeowner can tackle, one of the most interesting is installing a home lift. For decades, lifts were only found in commercial buildings. Today, property owners are installing them in their private homes. Fortunately, there are dozens of styles to choose from and models that are affordable for all income levels. Some prefer units that are roomy and can accommodate several riders, while others want home lifts shaped like a capsule designed for one passenger.

Whatever your taste, today's super-efficient lifts add a touch of elegance and luxury to any living space, make the house more accessible for those who have mobility issues, and can increase the value and potential selling price of the property. Adding a personal lift is a clever way to future-proof a house, enhance its value, and give older residents a way to move from level to level without using steps.

Design a No-Tech Room

In the go-go digital world, it's refreshing to have a designated room or space where there is no technology or connectivity of any kind. This kind of lifestyle hack takes some planning, but it's worth the effort. It's easy to get started, though. All you must do is designate a space somewhere in your home as an official no-tech zone. Make it a place where you or guests can meditate, converse, enjoy an adult beverage, do crafts, create art, unwind, practice tai chi, exercise, or anything else that requires no technology.

Some use the space exclusively for quiet time or sitting alone with their thoughts. The little sanctuary is a way to escape laptops, phones, appliances, and all those buzzing devices that have a way of making life constantly busy. For maximum relaxation, make sure the area is almost soundproof by covering doors and walls with fabric or extra paneling.

Rent Out Your Extra Space

To get the most out of your home's value, rent out an extra bedroom or loft area. The ploy is an efficient way to earn additional income with very little ongoing labor. Whether you use a spare bedroom, a renovated garage, a refurbished basement, or a small guest cabin, renting to short and long term tenants can bolster your annual income by a substantial amount. Explore some of the larger, more reputable online platforms that help renters connect with those who need rooms, small office spaces, or storage areas.