Real estate comes at a premium these days and like many people, you might have to compromise in terms of square footage when you’re investing in properties. The good news is, there are simple ways to make small properties seem larger. The following interior design tips should help you to achieve your goals.

Open your rooms up

Removing non-load-bearing walls can help you to increase the feeling of space in your home. For example, getting rid of the partition between your kitchen and dining room could enable you to create more usable space.
This is something to bear in mind when you’re using a Countrywide property consultancy in Paisley to search for a new house. The layout of homes can be dramatically altered in a few quick and simple steps, so don’t be put off if you think certain rooms appear too cramped. Bear in mind though, you will need to get the appropriate building permissions if you carry out work like this.

Improve your lighting

Poor-quality lighting can make small homes seem dark and depressing. This means it’s well worth spending some time and money improving interior illuminations. For the best results, layer lighting solutions so that you can achieve different visual effects at the flick of a switch. For example, use a variety of uplights and downlights and install dimmer switches so you have complete control over the level of lighting in each room.
Also, make the most of the natural light on offer. Where possible, keep your curtains and net curtains drawn back and make sure your windows are clean.
Use plenty of mirrors to reflect light and to create the illusion of more space too.

Get creative with your storage solutions

Creative storage solutions are a must in bijou abodes. For example, if you have space under your staircase, you could add staggered shelving to make full use of the available square footage. Also, tall cabinets and shelves will help you to take advantage of the vertical height on offer.
Even simple things like opting for storage beds and using chests as coffee tables can help you to squeeze more into your home.
Bear in mind that effective storage will help you to minimise the amount of clutter in your home, and this is crucial when space is short.

Be consistent with your flooring

Another top tip is to be consistent with your flooring. Wooden or laminate floors often work best in small spaces. By using the same flooring materials in your various rooms, you will make the boundaries between the spaces less obvious and create a more flowing look.

Make full use of your garden


If you have a garden, ensure you take full advantage of it. For example, you could install a patio or decking complete with comfy weatherproof furniture and shelter from the elements. This will help to ensure that you have more living space during the warmer months. If you’re unsure how to make the best possible use of your outdoor area, you can get plenty of advice and information online.
By following these simple design principles, you can make your property look and feel larger.