The retro revival is in full swing. But, going for vintage pieces of furniture within the home doesn’t mean that you have to stick to old furniture. Incorporating a modern twist in your beautiful home is interior design 101. In fact, there are some thoroughly modern pieces of furniture that you can use in your house and make it look simply stunning.

We all love to have a beautiful home. For many people, they are keen to have great pieces of furniture that are long lasting and classy. But, most of all, our homes should be fun. Furniture doesn’t have to be entirely functional and practical. It can be inspirational and make your home a brilliant space to relax and still be cool.


1. The Perspex Trend: Fantastic Plastic

Perspex and acrylic pieces of furniture have seen something of a comeback. They look fresh, contemporary and look fantastic in your home. If you covet the minimalist look, your room can still look chic and cool using this kind of furniture. Of course, you don’t have to have all of your furniture in acrylic or Perspex. You can add one vital piece that makes your room have the wow-factor. Aim for one essential piece in a bright color for maximum pizzazz. Check out the GPX acrylic nest of tables. They are fun, easy to maintain and look simply stunning. Artfully arrange it in your living room and make sure that you stand out from the interior design crowd.

2. Ensemble Bed

Why should living rooms get all of the fun? Ensemble beds are a cheap and inventive way to change the entire design and feel of a room. They are perfect for smaller bedrooms as they come in key components that can be tailored to the size of your room. Adjustable headboards and low-lying mattresses make for a very chic combination. There is a wide range of styles too.

3. Varnished Pine

Varnished pine is one of the hottest trends for fall 2014. So many people love this look, and with little wonder too. There are some brilliant pieces that you can have. What’s more, this look can be incorporated into any room. For a twee, country kitchen, varnished pine looks sublime. In living rooms, it can be both practical and stylish. In bedrooms, the look is great for a cozy feel. Varnished pine is a winner in any home and is oh-so-stylish too.

4. Minimalist Glass

Glass has always epitomized classic style. It looks incredible. It is great for people that want a few key pieces of furniture within their living space. Glass makes smaller rooms look more open and bigger all round. In larger rooms, it can add a touch of elegance to proceedings. Glass can be difficult to maintain, so do be prepared to do a lot of cleaning. But, it can look incredible when used sparingly. Aim to use a few key pieces within your living room. Keep the wall base neutral and inject pops of bright color. This look works in all homes, which is what, makes glass so versatile.