There is little doubt that we live in difficult times. The economy is struggling to cope with the effects of COVID-19, unemployment is rising and, despite hopeful predictions, it’s difficult to know what will happen next.

The result is an increasing number of people are looking at different ways to generate money or look after themselves. One of the most common approaches is to start using the garden space you have to produce food.

What You Need To Do

You’ll need to decide whether to use part or all of your garden to grow vegetables instead of simply having grass. It will be necessary to dig your grass up and turn the soil over. At this stage, you’ll find rock augers can help you to turn the soil effectively and even create your own borehole. This will give you the water you need to grow almost anything.

Of course, you’ll have to check with your local authority that a borehole is permissible. 

Alongside turning the soil you’ll want to use fertilizer to make sure it has sufficient nutrients. You can choose chemical fertilizers or natural. But, remember that you’re growing food to eat, natural fertilizers are generally considered better for your body. 

After that, it’s all about planting the seeds and nurturing them. With a little patience and luck, you’ll have your own crop of vegetables to eat, share, or even sell.

The good news is that you don’t need a huge garden to get started. Whether you’re living rurally and have acres of land to play with, or you’re in a city apartment with a few window boxes, you can start growing your own vegetables. 

How It Improves Food Security & Wellbeing

Producing your own food means it’s less likely that you’ll go hungry. After all, there will be something in your yard that you can eat while you deal with financial issues. 

For most people, it means that your weekly money can go a little further as you won’t need to purchase as much food. You may even be able to sell excess vegetables to generate some extra money for your family. 

But, as well as offering better food security, you’ll find that being outside all the time is better for your wellbeing. It’s not just about getting away from the television screen, although this is a benefit. When you’re working outside you’ll find that neighbors will be intrigued by what you’re doing and want to chat with you. This helps you to become a valued part of the community and feel more fulfilled as a person.

This will increase your social skills and your contact with others, which is essential for your wellbeing. 

Of course, you’ll also be physically active which will help you to stay fit and healthy, warding off an array of age-related illnesses. 

Best of all, you’ll actually enjoy the experience and it’s very rewarding, boosting your self-confidence and helping you to believe you can achieve anything.