It is the process in which we make a garden or piece of land more attractive by adding ornamental features, planting trees, shrubs, and by changing the existing design of a piece of land that has to be landscaped to make it more attractive by adding appealing objects and by reshaping. To design a landscape, mow the lawn, trim weed, plant flowers, and trim hedges and trees. When you design a landscape, where do you start?

Follow these five pro OC landscaping tips to get started, and you will be on your way:

1. Look for the perfect location
When talking about landscape, location matters a lot, if you have an average size home, then obviously your location is decided, but if you have a large mansion, then you have to look for the perfect place that fits in your ideal landscape look. Choosing the right location is necessary. For instance, you should decorate your front yard instead of the backyard as the front of the house should be impressive and conspicuous. The front of your home leaves an excellent impression for outsiders, so it should be decorated attractively.

2. Learn the difference between the eastern and western garden
Before landscaping your garden, you must keep this thing in your mind whether you want a layout of your garden to be based on western traditions (straight lines, rectangles, and symmetry) or eastern traditions (irregular shapes, materials like water or rocks). To get started, this confusion must be cleared. Once you have decided that whether you want to go for western design or eastern design, the purchase of things like rocks, ornaments and plants would be easy, and you will have the confidence to bend the rules. 

3. Purpose of your garden
When you design your garden, you always think about the purpose of your garden. If the purpose of your garden is to plant vegetables, it is planned accordingly with proper alignment. If you want to design a landscape to create a living space, it is designed with outdoor furniture, decor, comfortable chairs, pottery, sofa, and accessories. If you want to design your landscape for pleasing visual representation, you design it with rocks, running water fountains, ornaments, sensual flowers, and cultivated plants.

Ask yourself what purpose do you want your garden to accomplish? With the answer in mind, you can design a space that does the purpose, and if you wish to double the meaning of your garden, it can be designed to perform double duty by mixing the elements of both the purposes.

4. Choose plants that will thrive in your climate
Before buying plants, it should be cleared whether the plant will thrive in your climate or not. If the plants are not suitable for the climate, they will die, and it’s an apparent wastage of money and plant both. What plants will be the happiest in your garden is a serious question. Native plants are an obvious choice and also go for the plants that you notice are happy in your neighbors.

5. Pathway
You can lay a path or walkway in your garden that can be 18 inches At a fast pace, but the more comprehensive the track, the more spacious the park will feel. The path can be decorated in an attractive way. You can also add a curve to create visual interest.

Final Words
To design a landscape, you can also add living elements like flora and fauna with the goal of creating beauty within the landscape. Before designing, everyone looks for the steps to follow. These steps can help you a lot.