Pergolas have existed as early as 17th century Europe. Considering it is now the 21st century, it’s safe to say that pergolas remained a part of great homes because of their versatility, functionality, and impeccable beauty.

Don’t mistake pergolas for arbors or trellises, though. While these structures do have similarities in looks and functions, they are still completely different. Companies like Kansas City pergolas are able to come and transform the backyard of any home and distinctly create a unique look unlike that of an arbor or trellis.

However, if you have to choose between the three, adding a pergola to your home is the best option, and here’s why.

1. It protects against direct sunlight and harsh weather.

Generally speaking, sunlight is good for mankind and the rest of the creatures on earth. But, prolonged exposure to sunlight also poses a lot of health risks, especially to humans. So it’s important to protect yourself against the harmful rays. 

Knowing that, how can you reconcile the need for protection and the urge to go outside to have a breath of fresh air? Simple. Get a pergola.

Pergolas offer a nice, cozy shade that’s going to keep you out of harm’s way from the sun’s rays and will also allow you to enjoy the outdoors at the comforts of your own home. It works if you want to experience the rain but don’t want to get drenched by staying outside without any cover.

2. Allows airflow.

Because pergolas don’t have walls, these nifty home pieces allow for proper airflow across your space. This means you can grill, work out, meditate, or even sleep in your pergola because it’s just that comfortable!

3. Offers a more usable living space.

Pergolas extend your living room just like a deck or a patio. But it can also create a standalone area in your backyard where you can do lots of things. In fact, some homeowners even choose to transform their pergolas into receiving areas for guests.

Because it has an overhead cover, you would be allowed to put other more sensitive furniture out for display and you won’t have to worry about it getting cooked in the sun, soaked in the rain, and even frozen during winter.

4. Gives room for plants to grow.

Aside from providing a decent amount of living space, pergolas work like trellises in this regard because these allow plants to grow everywhere. Pergolas act like frames and backbones to where your plants would go. Filling your pergola with flowers that are in full bloom is one of the things that you’d want to see every day.

But of course, not all plants can be used for pergolas. These could be Roses, Passionflower, Grape Vines, and even honeysuckles.

5. It is durable and easy to maintain.

Pergolas are a great addition to your outdoor living space because they’re sturdy and aren’t made out of complicated materials, making it easier for you to maintain.

If you choose to adorn your pergolas with beautiful plants then the upkeep of your plants would be the only thing you need to worry about. Depending on how it's made, pergolas can last you almost a lifetime (for as long as no big disaster comes your way). 

6. Pergolas look amazing.

As stated earlier, there are different styles of pergolas you can use at home. It can easily go with the theme of your house. But you can also build one that is pretty different for that change of scenery. 

And for those who like a more modern look for your backyard, pergolas can keep up with that, too! Plants are not required to make pergolas look stylish and beautiful on their own.

Just be sure to coordinate the look of your pergola to the furniture you intend to place in it or consider the purpose of the pergola itself.

7. Enhance the value of your property.

When making additions to your backyard, adding pergolas to your home is not just a great investment for your improved living condition, but also a nice tactic if you’re looking to sell the property in the future. Pergolas add a flair of sophistication to any home and are guaranteed to give you a boost in terms of the property’s value compared to just a plain backyard.

Pergolas stand the test of time because they are awesome structures that brighten up any home. But this is only possible if they are made by professionals. So be sure to look for a builder who knows your needs and can deliver them with high-quality service and materials.