Fix Every Common Lawnmower Issue All by Yourself


Lawnmowers are one of the most essential gardening tools in your arsenal. They are very handy electric tools. But like any other electric tool, they are prone to malfunctions.

If you have to call in for help every time your lawn mower malfunctions, it’d not only be heavy on your pocket, it will also be troublesome.

It is best if you know how to troubleshoot small technical issues on your lawnmower by yourself. But it can be tricky to figure out for beginners.

That is why we have put together this handy guide with common lawn mower problems and their easy fixes. We have many more such guides on our website

Now let’s get started.

Problem 1: Lawn Mower Doesn’t Start

This is a very common problem with lawnmowers. Many times you find it hard to turn on your lawnmower. It can be because of various reasons. It can be that your motor ran out of fuel or power.


Check to see if your tank is empty. If the tank is empty, refill with the fuel or gas that you learn more runs on. Check for any gas leaks. If you find the gas leak you need to take it to the nearest replacement store and get it checked. Check to see if the plug has come loose. Loose or disconnected spark plugs can keep your lawnmower from running smoothly. Make sure your spark plugs are tightly secured.

Problem 2: Lawn Mower Loses Power

This is another very commonly seen issue. This is when your lawnmower starts working but loses power right after. This can be very frustrating when you are working on your lawn. It can take you a lot more time than necessary. So, it is a problem that needs a quick fix.


A dirty filter can cause your lawnmower to lose power. You need to go through your manual to see where the filter is located and check if the filter has been collecting dust. You can clean our filter and if it doesn't work you can replace it. Losing power can also be another problem with spark plugs. Make sure your spark plug is working and is secured. If not, you have to replace it.

Problem 3: Lawn Mower Takes up too much Gas

Lawnmowers are selectively smaller tools than your car. So, it shouldn't be taking up any more gas than a regular handy tool should. If your lawnmower is taking up a lot of gas it is time to look more into the issue.


This problem may be caused by a dirty or clogged filter. A clogged filter will make your lawnmower try harder to run smoothly. That could eventually result in more power usage and your lawnmower will use up a lot of gas. So, you need to take out the filter, clean it, or even replace it if it's too damaged.

Problem 4: Lawnmower Speed is too Slow

Lawnmowers are tools that we use for efficient trimmings. It is a fast and effective solution. If it takes up too much time then it is basically useless. A lawnmower should not be taking up a considerable amount of your day. If you notice a considerable delay in the speed there’s more likely an issue with the lawnmower.


The driver belt is what controls the speed of the lawnmower. Any damage to the driver belt or dislocation can cause your lawnmower to slow down. Usually, driver belts are attached to the motor casing but you can always double-check with your manual. Check the driver belt to see if it's loose or if it has come undone. Try to reattach it. And, if it is too damaged you might have to replace it.

Problem 5: Lawnmower is Overheating

Lawnmowers tend to heat up after an elongated period of use. But, don't just ignore it because the lawnmower is still doing its job. Overheating is a serious issue and you should look into it thoroughly.


Lawnmowers come with cooling fins attached to the engine cylinder. When we cut grass with it, sometimes grass blades can get clogged up and stop the engine cooling fins from working. Check the exhaust to see if there is any grass filled up and remove it. That should fix your heating issue.

Problem 6: Smoke Rising from the Lawnmower

This is one of the most common and most frequently seen lawnmower issues and people do tend to take it very seriously. But, this is nothing to be too scared of. People usually think when the lawnmower is smoking up it is about to explode. that is not correct. With a little bit of tweaking, you can fix the issue.


Smoke evaporation from your lawnmower occurs when there is an oil leak. Checks to see if there is any oil leaking over the muffler. When the engine runs it burns the oil and it causes the smoke. In such cases, you need to turn off the engine so it cools down and then check the chamber to see if there are any leaks.


These are some absolutely basic problems that you can fix on your own with some handy tools lying around the house. But, if you see a bigger problem with the performance of your lawnmower overall you can call a repair professional and get it checked.

You can replace almost every part of your lawnmower by yourself. They are readily available and affordable. If you pay attention to how your devices are working troubleshooting should be easy.