Your home is your oasis; a place where you can retreat for comfort and coziness after a long day at work, at school, or just out in general.

How do you feel about being "at home"? Do you find yourself looking forward to the end of each day when you can relax and retreat into your own personal haven? Or are you tired of looking at the same decor, the same tired furnishings, and the clutter that actually increases your stress and anxiety levels? Perhaps it's time for some mini-makeovers to brighten up your personal space.

Wondering about trends?
If you don't fancy yourself an interior designer, you can still create an amazing look in your home, even if you're on a shoestring budget. Take a look at these design trends that are up and coming, and get ready to create a home you can truly look forward to coming home to.

Design Trend #1: Multifunctional furniture pieces
Paring down is in. Gone are the days when a young couple purchases a five bedroom home in anticipation of filling it up with children and grandchildren. These days, less is more. For that reason, the rise of multifunctional furniture fits these spaces efficiently and functionally. Purchasing beds with storage drawers underneath, or a desk that doubles as a table for entertaining, will make your home look sleek and stylish.

Design Trend #2: New pops of color
Rich, living corals, lush greens, and mellow yellows are in for the season. Not only will they brighten up your workspace, they add depth and life to any room that you choose to use them. Incorporate an accent wall in a room with neutrals, or make a bold statement by covering an entire section of the main floor with gorgeous color. Fresh paint does wonders to liven up a space.

Design Trend #3: Mindfulness in design
With the word "mindfulness" being thrown around quite frequently these days, we are bringing our desire for simpler things into our living spaces. Choosing both furniture pieces and accent pieces that make a simple statement will result in clean, inviting spaces in your home. Ahhhhh....home sweet home!

Design Trend #4: Evolving home offices
More people are now working from home offices now than ever before, and designers of office furniture are simply delighted. The opportunity to create the office space of your dreams is now at your fingertips; an array of styles, colors, and functions make shopping for your workspace easy and fun.

Design Trend #5: Beautiful storage spaces
What? Can that even be possible? The messy storage closets of years gone by are a thing of the past, and it's considered uncouth to not present your storage space as a thing of beauty in your home. The reality is, storage spaces will always be needed; with the array of styles and design concepts used to house everything from knick knacks to important papers, you have no excuse for hiding away those things that are in storage--display them proudly!

Design Trend #6: Variable living spaces
The living room our parents filled is no longer an acceptable way to place furniture. There are so many more options for furniture placement than just pointing sofas and chairs at a television set. With well placed pieces from European Leather Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida , you can create a classic and timeless look that family members and guests alike will love. Get creative, and use those pieces of furniture to create true ambiance in every space you inhabit.

Design Trend #7: Bold patterns
Along with those pops of color come the arrival of bold, geometric and jungle patterns to liven up your space. These patterns can be found on everything from flooring to wall coverings, furniture to lighting concepts. Bring a little bit of daring flair into your kitchen, bedroom, or bath, and see what kind of mood you can inspire with your creativity.